How to Find/Advertise Undiscovered Works


I think you answered part of my question raised down the trail. That’s awesome.:grin::star2:
Note to self: I should’ve read upwards. :flushed:


This is such a great idea! I went in and tagged my book too! Hope it works


A great initiative, thank you! I have added the tag but when I search on it nothing turns up. Am I doing something wrong?


It’s gonna take a while before you get ranked in the tag. Just be patient


This is a great idea! I gave it a shout out on my profile and will definitely be checking out some books :slight_smile:


it took a day to process and now my book finally made the list! :grin:



Can someone explain what this tag does and what do you mean by ranking? :slight_smile::heart:


My book is under 1000 reads and I was thinking of tagging but I don’t actually understand what it does he he :blush:


This tag allows you to advertise your work and get feedback and reads


Ooo sounds fun! :smile:


Thanks :smiley:

I got 2 books tagged now. Feeling daunted by the number of reads the other books with the tag have got. Fingers crossed, I might get over a hundred a little sooner now.


Tags allow readers to find your work. The more relevant tags you use the better. :slight_smile:

You can use up to 25 tags.


My story just hit 2nd place with this tag. That’s awesome!


hey i tagged my story but when i try searching up the tag in the search bar nothing comes up and when i view my story as the reader the tag doesn’t show. Im not quite sure what i’m doing wrong?


After you type the tag into the search bar and hit search, you need to click on the section that says Tags. Once there, hit the ‘2018undiscovered1k’ and the stories will pop up.


I’ve just done it. Can’t find any works, let alone my own, when searching for this tag, but will check tomorrow. :blush:


Great idea. I’m off to do this now. Thank you, guys.


thanks i was on my computer so i didnt get the tag bar up


You should be able to search for it, though if you’re using your phone it may act up (mine does) in which case if you click on one of your books that has the tag and scroll down to the tags you should be able to click it. Hope that helps!


I’d say at that point it’s been “discovered”, but anything new you write would qualify, so the next book(s) in the trilogy that you would post could use the tag. Obviously I can’t prevent anyone from using the tag though (I’ve already seen one person with over 9.7k reads using it) but I’d like to keep it to books under 1k if possible.