How to Find/Advertise Undiscovered Works


Sometimes the search is touchy, especially if you’re on your phone. A lot of times I’ll go to one of my books with the tag, scroll down, and click on the tag itself and then it usually pops up


Thank you so much! I’m glad the word is spreading


Yup! This tag is tailored towards people who don’t have a lot of reads so they have a chance at being discovered amid all the other books that have over 1k reads already. Not sure how they are ranking them, seems to be random, but hey whatever helps people get reads :smiley:


The search has been weird for a couple people. Try searching under tags tomorrow and you may have more luck :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone for your kind words and support! I’m so glad people are gaining reads from this!

I do want to ask though that if you are over 1k please don’t use the tag. If you’re right on the line I can understand and don’t mind as much, but I saw at least one book that’s over 9k reads using it. Obviously, I don’t own the tag so I’m not going to be that guy and call people out on it, I just ask that you respect that we are trying to promote books that otherwise wouldn’t get the attention they deserve because they get lost amongst all of the widely read works.

Thank you again to everyone for their support, I’m seriously stoked to see everyone gaining reads and votes through this tag and I hope it continues <3


Just tagged my story Handwritten Poems on my Wattpad profile.


Hmm. Shame it can’t be on the “Discover” menu, but I guess that would need some configuration and system design to make it work, which cost money. Cool. Word of mouth and searching it is.
Thanks for that.


Re: promoting the tag. If I add the tag to my profile or comments, would that do anything for awareness?


I thought about that, but then I thought it would be weird for people to find and begin the second book before the first. :sweat_smile: that’s the main point behind my question.


I’ve done this! I added the tag to my profile and I announced it to encourage people to do the same! :relaxed:


I don’t think so, but a lot of people have been promoting it on their announcements which seems to help.


That makes sense, but you could always put in your blurb that it’s a sequel and to read the other one first. So people would get to the first one, just be an extra step


Yes!! I’ve added it to my story hopefully it shows up!
I’m so keen for people to discover my story.


Thanks! will use the tag!


Okay. Thanks :+1:t3:

#119 by ShellySmith34. #16 in realism! It’s about a wife and mom with a driving business who gets recruited as an assassin, despite her serious reservations.


It’s been two days since I tagged my book, but it still doesn’t appear in the tag search…idk, am I doing something wrong?


I’ve tagged my story as well since I’m very new haha I hope this works


You may have to contact Wattpad Support for that, I’m not sure why it’s not working for you :confused:


Mine is not showing up either. I’m not sure how they rank it yet, or if we just have to wait, or what.