How to Find/Advertise Undiscovered Works


I’ve noticed the refresh rate for “New” list has been stuck since the hot list ranks were at #60. So I raised a case Request #4508661 for a bug fix. Hope they’re able to resolve the issue.


I love this tag. My book is already #3 in it, and I can’t even believe it myself. It’s so useful for writers under 1k.


That’s awesome to hear.:smile: Congrats.


I haven’t an update on my ticket yet. Suspect, it’ll be sometime for an answer.


Regarding the tag rankings - they currently are having issues with rankings in general so you guys aren’t the only ones. As you can see here: , tags and rankings not working is a known issue that they will fix at some point… Goodness knows when :confused: But yeah, there you have your answer. That’s the link they sent me when I sent in a report :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, thanks for the tag! I was happy to see that most people have kept to the <1k reads rule (I’ve only added a book with <100 reads since my other book unfortunately passed 1k about a month ago :’( ). It’s a shame there’s one person who has ruined it though.


Good to know that they are working on the issue. Thanks. I didn’t see this outage announcement.


Apparently a lot of people haven’t… XD I hadn’t either before they sent me the message. I can imagine they’ve been getting a lot of reports about rankings not working as this isn’t the only thread where it’s been mentioned.


I’ll certainly check this tag to discover undiscovered writers and support them :heart:


Thank you!!!


That sad moment when you realise your whole texts are written in spanish


Oh this is a lovely idea! Thank you =D




#173. Not bad. Not bad at all.


I got worried my story was never going to show up under the tag but it’s finally made an appearance a week later, hallelujah


Yeah, their algorithm takes a while to update, it took a week just for the tag to even show up. Understandable though given the thousands of users and books on there :slight_smile:


I think ranks are still down. I haven’t had an update on my ticket yet. I understand they probably have a lot going on so being patient. I added the tag to my profile, so hopefully that will help with exposure. Every bit counts.


Finally got my book added! I’m 21, yay!


I’m going to use this, thanks!


Looks like the tag ranks are working again. Hopefully, you’ll start to see this tag in action :grin:


Thanks, I apply it now!