How to Find/Advertise Undiscovered Works


I’ve noticed the refresh rate for “New” list has been stuck since the hot list ranks were at #60. So I raised a case Request #4508661 for a bug fix. Hope they’re able to resolve the issue.


I love this tag. My book is already #3 in it, and I can’t even believe it myself. It’s so useful for writers under 1k.


That’s awesome to hear.:smile: Congrats.


I haven’t an update on my ticket yet. Suspect, it’ll be sometime for an answer.


Regarding the tag rankings - they currently are having issues with rankings in general so you guys aren’t the only ones. As you can see here: , tags and rankings not working is a known issue that they will fix at some point… Goodness knows when :confused: But yeah, there you have your answer. That’s the link they sent me when I sent in a report :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, thanks for the tag! I was happy to see that most people have kept to the <1k reads rule (I’ve only added a book with <100 reads since my other book unfortunately passed 1k about a month ago :’( ). It’s a shame there’s one person who has ruined it though.


Good to know that they are working on the issue. Thanks. I didn’t see this outage announcement.


Apparently a lot of people haven’t… XD I hadn’t either before they sent me the message. I can imagine they’ve been getting a lot of reports about rankings not working as this isn’t the only thread where it’s been mentioned.


I’ll certainly check this tag to discover undiscovered writers and support them :heart:


Thank you!!!


That sad moment when you realise your whole texts are written in spanish


Oh this is a lovely idea! Thank you =D