How to Find/Advertise Undiscovered Works


This is a great idea!!! Thank you for doing it. I added the tag to my book :slight_smile: Can’t wait to have people discover and read my book.


I hope this works


This is a really unique concept. Thanks XD


Hiii ^^


I don’t want to sound braggy or anything. I just… This tag is the best thing ever. I’m being discovered by the tag. My book is currently #1! I can’t even believe this is happening to me, after 5 years. Thank you guys for making this tag. Truly thank you.


I’m so happy for you, congratulations!!!


wish it works for me ^^


I really hope tagging my stuff with this works. I have a few WIPs. Currently they’re at 433 (mostly book club people), 60, 39, 9, 5, 3, and 2 reads.


Yes! tag is a working! :partying_face:

Awesome to hear. Happy for you, :star::grin:
I’m dancing like a winner Bruno Mars. This tag seems to be a milestone for undiscovered in general.


This is so amazing! Definitely tagged my under 1K books. Thank you for starting this :slight_smile:


I believe that this idea would be a good idea because I personally don’t have a lot of views on my project and I believe that theres a lot of people that are just like me. We should help each other!!


Thank you so much for this :slight_smile:
It really helps people like me who are just trying to start out on Wattpad but are passionate about writing nevertheless.


Added mine! Thanks!!


Added mine. 10 days left in 2018! Happy holidays everyone!


Shall we make a new version on the first of January? To ensure everyone uses the relevant tag, always?


I think we will, I’ll try and make a post regarding it before the week is out. That way I can get feedback too as to whether or not this was helpful for getting reads/votes


This is awesome! I love it! This is gonna help tremendously with my search. :fist:t3:

Since it is gonna be 2019 soon, maybe you could start using the tag #Undiscovered1K - it’s an unused tag and you won’t need a new one each year. Just a thought. :blush:


That’s a good problem to have! :grin:


Fair point!


This is a brilliant idea! I might hop onto this little train. 92 reads on my story feels a biiit smaller than 1k.