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Hey guys
Ive been on wattpad for years, literally since the dawn of time. I have recently this year gotten into writing BTS fanfictions, but as soon as i upload them I wait a month with updating the, and it has like twenty reads. So I get embarrassed and I remove them because I think maybe they just aren’t good enough? But i’ve put so much effort into them and i was wondering if any one else has this problem of trying to get noticed and get people to read the stories they’ve put work into and for it not to work? If so we can help each other out cos that is what the army is about And if you have succeeded how did you do it because it seems impossible sometimes
Thanks a lot Guys x

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I joined wattpad like a few days ago and am already working on 2 stories :speak_no_evil:

One is an Original which I just posted and the other is a BTS x Male idol group? (I wanted to try something different) Which I want to work on a little more considering I only write when I stressed. All I have posted on the fanfic is the character intro about the ‘OC’ Idol group? I’m honestly terrified to start the actual story :see_no_evil:


I didn’t have any reads either at the beginning. How many chapters did you have published? Very few people read stories with 10 or less chapters if they are by an author they don’t know or who isn’t already popular. Anyway here are my tips for getting reads within the fandom:

  • publish chapters regularly, even if you have no readers. readers will come eventually. they won’t come if you don’t publish. I didn’t have a single reader until I hit chapter 10 of my first story.

  • make friends & network. in the forums you have multiple chat threads all related to BTS, so you can meet friends there. If you follow others and reads & comment on their stories, they might go and check out your stories in return. I got a few regular readers that way. (remember that in the forums you can’t ask people to check out/read your story, except in the SYS threads)

  • ask for a critique. now this is only if you want to improve and make your story better, and see what people think the flaws are. the critique could be your official “first” reader, and even if they read only 1-2 chapters you will have an idea of what to improve & if your story is good or not. but again, this is only is you are open for criticism. I got my first “official” reads that way!

  • when you have 6+ chapters, apply to awards. the BTS fandom has a lot of awards so just search for “bts awards” and you will find plenty. The judge assigned to your book will read your book (usually 5 chapters, although it varies), and if it’s good you can win prizes like follows & comments. Winning also put your story out there and can get you a few readers.

  • reads for reads. Personally I hate it and never do it but I know plenty who do. Basically someone reads your story and you read theirs. If you have lots of time and don’t mind working for your reads then it’s a great way to get some.

Eventually you’ll get a few reads if you use all the methods, and once you get more reads they will come more easily. & if you get loyal readers they will maybe follow onto your next stories that you write, so the next ones will have readers from the beginning. It’s a slow grow but you’ll get there eventually :slight_smile:

That’s all I can think of right now. Feel free to ask questions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Edit to add: also, a good cover + nice blurb are necessary :slight_smile:


Adding on to the previous poster’s list…

  • Tag your stories appropriately. This seems like a “duh” point, but it’s an important one. Getting down all of the necessary tags, such as who you’re writing about and any sub-genres that may be applicable, will help people find your story.

  • Wait. Success will not happen over night. Followings are built gradually. Keeping a consistent update schedule (and not deleting your stories every time they don’t perform well) will help draw in readers. Your reads may build even more once your story is completed because many people would rather binge a book than wait for it to be updated. Your reads will grow eventually. Keep writing and people will keep reading.

It’s upsetting when the number of reads isn’t increasing, but try not to let it get you down. Remember that the number of reads represents only that, not your level of skill or people’s enjoyment of it or anything else.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Honestly, I always had the same problem but i think i figered out my own way of how to get readers.
(that’s why i made a new account lol)

And really, the best thing you can do is to not get discouraged and just keep updating. Readers don’t come instantly. And if you really think your stories aren’t worth it (or anything else), you can always go and ask for constructive criticism.

Remember: the big accounts started - yeah you guessed it - just like us.

and you know what? armys help armys, that’s why i will check out your stories right now.
(be prepared for some dumbass comments höhö)


This is extremely helpful :raised_hands:


its quite daunting, but i’m sure we can all support each other in this :slight_smile: good luck to u mate x


Thank you (sorry for the late reply uni has been insane) this is super helpful x


Thank you for the support and help!


wow, that’s really helpful, thank you!


thank you for asking this because I thought I´m the only one who has this problem. Sometimes I think my stories are quite good enough but thank you for the question because now there are very good and helpful suggestions. Believe in yourself and process because it takes time.


Thanks so much for all the great advise!


of course :hugs:


Thank you this really helped me a lot. I was really discouraged to continue my story. I also abandoned it many times but I wanna follow your advise.And hope someday I will also get some views…


You’re welcome! The key is to not give up :muscle: good luck :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


For those who read my tips above and would like a critique, I do some on special requests every once in a while! Hit my PMs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m an ARMY! Jimin is bias, but Jin is my biaswrecker. I love everyone in the group tho, theyre all dorks lmao.

If you guys are interested in reading BTS Fanfics I have 2! A Jimin one and a Taehyung one! The Jimin one starts out bad in the beginning because i wrote it when i was young, but it gets better afterwards.

As for the Taehyung one, it’s better :slight_smile:

It’s be cool if you guys could check them out if youre interested! :slight_smile: <3


thanks you … this made my day… wish your day will also be great :kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ve clicked on your profile and see that you didn’t link anything to your story, it’s faster to link your book on your profile rather than someone having to copy and paste your username to look for your story.


Thank you so much for your inputs! Army is awesome! Even I have just started on a new fanfic… after pondering over it for a long time. Seeing Army’s enthusiastic responses on some of the popular ones, encouraged me to take the plunge! :slight_smile: