How to get more reads/votes/comments as a new writer



Seeking tips from any and all writers! I just started writing and have been so impatient, constantly checking my stats and insights about my (dismal) numbers. Feel free to vent your own concerns as well, that’s what we’re here for!


Hi there! c:

You can go to the Big Thread on How to Get Reads as it is the best place to see the advice people have given. :wink:

Personally speaking, my biggest piece of advice is to not get to caught up in the numbers. Gaining an audience takes patience and time because it can be months, maybe even years until you see a major incline on the numbers. But this also depends on what you do and if you write decently with a consistent schedule.

It all comes down to marketing your work and you, as an author. With time, you will see a difference.

But otherwise, I advise to focus on your work more than the numbers. :wink:


It took a while for me, too, don’t get discouraged! It does take time. What helped me the most was Wattpad Community. The Story Services section helped me so much, it’s the reason why my story has the reads it does. Not only are you getting feedback on what you’ve written, but you’re also getting reads, possibly votes, and most likely, comments. Sometimes, the people giving feedback like it so much that they keep reading.

To put it simply: Always make improvements on what you’ve written. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but make the necessary changes with grammar, sentence structure, story line–everything! Make sure what you’re putting out there is as clean as it can be, you’re more likely to keep readers that way.

Be active on your Wattpad account, respond to readers, thank other users for adding your book to their reading list, keep a consistent update schedule, advertise through SYS (Even if there aren’t that many readers looking through there, I do it anyway. One or two readers is more than I would have if I didn’t post on there to begin with).

Most importantly, don’t worry too much about the numbers. It’s exciting to get reads, votes, and comments, but it’s also important to enjoy writing and posting it in the first place. You’ve put work into something that someone will enjoy, once they find it. Don’t get too discouraged!


thank you so much for your response! I agree that it’s probably best not to be so consumed with numbers right now and just focus on producing good content!


thank you for your response, it’s so thoughtful and full of good advice! I really appreciate it! Like you’re saying, the best thing I can do is focus on the quality of my writing rather than just having a bunch of readers. I’ll definitely try to work on being an active community member, I feel like so much of success comes from building other people up!


You’re welcome! The majority of Wattpad is very supportive and willing to help. If you’re willing, I would suggest opening your own thread in Story Services to offer critiques, reviews, feedback–whatever. In payment for those services, you can have someone give you feedback, as well. I’ve done it before, and it helped a lot! I not only got reads on my story, but feedback, too.


I have a suggestion that might get you more reads. Feel free to ignore if you disagree. When books show up on hot lists, suggested stories, other people’s reading lists, etc., readers can only see about the first 15 words of your synopsis. This means those 15 words have to convince readers to click through to read the full synopsis. I took a look at your book, and though the synopsis is very well-written the “hook” is actually buried as the very last sentence. Is there any way to tease the hook at the beginning, and then go into the fuller synopsis after that? Good luck! :blush:


Hello! I’m by no means discovered, but I found my reads and votes finally go up after I started being more active in the community. The story services thread is gold, but so is just interacting with people casually and making friends. Of course, other factors like having an interesting cover and synopsis are also important, but even though my reviews in these counts have been favourable, a very little amount of the reads and votes I’ve gotten are from people who don’t know me randomly clicking on it (at this point). Also try to join in some book clubs, especially the comment spam types as these could increase your visibility.


I am undiscovered, there is a story I wrote that I really want people to read and I usually get discouraged when no one reads it.


I think that’s a really smart tip! I know I can be guilty of easily losing attention with a story if it takes too long to figure out what’s happening. Thank for the response and great insights!


Hey there! Completely agree that community interactions are key, I had another writer recommend that to me last night and it made such a world of difference. It’s an added bonus that it makes you feel more connected to the people here as well! Thanks for all the great advice!


Yesss, for sure! And no problem ^^!


A great way is to seek the advice of critics (like myself) in the story services thread. It’s guarenteed reads AND feedback.


Go on topics in cafe and talk to people.