How to get to the LGBT official reading list?


So I just finished writing my first novel and have been screaming since yesterday. I’ve been working on it since November. And now it’s done 79k words ^^

So…I was wondering what I can do to get to the LGBT official reading list.

Thanks :wink:


…tags? Add tags to ur story such as #lgbt


Not sure if I made myself clear enough.

There’s an official LBGT profile and some stories in that thematics get added to the list. What I’m asking is which are the requirements?


Oh I’m sorry Idk


Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but search ‘lgbtq’ account, click on it, then you scroll down. The bio should give you enough information about what you can do to submit your story there. There’s a form that you have to submit, you can find it on the bio itself I think.


Thank you.


I just did what you’ve suggested. Just submitted my story. Thank you again.


Good luck!


Thank you ^^


Hooray!!! Big congrats on finishing your novel!! :confetti_ball: And good luck getting on the reading list! :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you so much. It feels amazing
^^. I hope they’ll accept my submission haha.


It really does! It feels so great to finish something you’ve worked so hard on for so long :sparkles: and I’m sure it’ll feel great getting on the reading list too!


You’re welcome!


I’ve been added to three official accounts now. Having a completed story with little to no mistakes, as well as responding to reader comments really does help I think.

You can always try to apply even if it’s not completed and seeing what happens. Some of the profiles require you to have over a certain number of parts, but it sounds like you can probably fill out a request form now if they are open.

Depending on how active they are, the timing could probably take anywhere between a few days to a couple of weeks.

Good luck!


Oh and you might want to make sure submissions are open. Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren’t.


Wow that’s so cool. Congratulations.
Yes, the story is complete by now (48 parts). ^^
One thing I still have to work on is the editing lol. There’s a couple of mistakes (more than just a couple actually). So this information is going to he useful.

I was able to submit the story without any problem. I hope that means submissions are open.

Thank you.


All the best! Hope that your story gets into the reading list ^^