How to keep motivated?


If there is one thing I lack, it is motivation.

To actually sit down and continue to write feels like a huge challenge. I wonder if it is worth it to continue, that nothing will come of it. That no one other than myself will see it so what’s the point of writing anymore.

How do people do it? How do you keep yourself motivated to continue?


I keep writing because I love doing it, there is really nothing else to it.


I find it helpful to work with a cowriter when I’m struggling with motivation. Not only is there another person to run ideas off of, but also someone that you feel accountable to. Writing about something that I’m passionate about helps as well.


It isn’t easy, try drawing or something and put your MC’s in an alternate silly scene.

Ex. My MC is currently being hunted by hunters and her mate. So I would perhaps put her in another situation where she is trying to go mountain climbing for the first time and is talking with her mate (whom she hasn’t met) and they would just act normal. Idk.


The point to writing is to write something you would read. Once you do this, you’ll be able to focus more on how you want a story to form, and less than the doubtful ideas of “no one is going to like my story.” Because, honestly, if you’re writing something you would read, then you’re already writing for a target audience. There will definitely be hundreds of thousands of people who are interested in the same thing as you, so… :woman_shrugging:

But as far as motivation goes, I think of it as a way to add excitement to the story. If I lose motivation, then I’m losing my excitement for it. The question is… how can I get that excitement back? Well, the best way to do it is to plan the story and add things (that you think is exciting) into the story. Or, if you already have a plan, you can add more onto the story or change the plan that fits better with your needs.

I’ve had multiple times where I changed something, particularly in the moment, that wasn’t added to my original plan. For example, I had a scene where my character was trying to look for clues on the murderer—which were put into the original plan—but at the last moment, I decided to run a different course. In my original plan, he had found something, then hid because the murderer came back, and when they left, he snuck out and went back to his house to meet up with his friends. Well, I changed this part of the story. Instead of him sneaking out, the murderer came in and knew my character was hiding, so they dragged him out from the bed (yeah, bad hiding place haha), knocked him out, and later strapped him to an electric chair for torturing purposes. This is my definition for “keeping things exciting.” :wink:

So when I had added this, I wanted to continue writing. And once I got through with it, I kept on finding new and interesting scenes (that were relevant to the plot, of course) that were thrilling.


I like taking walks to the convenience store to get caffeinated products, and listen to music on the way. I usually just picture scenes in my head or things of that nature. Picturing everything visually is the first step, if you can do that, you at least have something to write down.

Physical activity is super good for the brain, especially walking.


Combination of goals and holding myself accountable for things like not updating :stuck_out_tongue: If I make excuses for things I “can’t” do, then I’ll never get anything done.


I keep reminding myself of the rule that your first million words will be crap. A million words is about a dozen books or so, and I’ve only written eight so far. So I’m allowed to write crappy for another four books. (>‿◠):v:


I feel like people only pressure themselves more in a writers block, because they’re upset they aren’t producing. But that leads to negative emotions, I’ve noticed.

I think the healthiest thing to do in a writers block is to let it be. Inspiration will come to you, but forcing it or trying to force yourself out of a block sometimes only leads to further anxiety.

If your motivation hits low, or you’re too busy to write, or too stressed to write…don’t stress yourself more! Traveling may help motivate you, it does many writers. Experiencing more also gives us things to write about, therefore motivating us to write.

Writing isn’t going anywhere, and you will always be a writer at heart. It’ll always be there for you to return to.


The only thing really keeping me going right now are the wonderful regular readers who continue to read each new chapter I publish. If not for them, I would probably have given up. It’s just so difficult these days for new stories to take off.

Even with marketing, people appear to prefer completed stories. So you need to find a way to keep the readers you have intrigued so they will read the next chapter. It’s taken me about seven months to get where I am now, but I really hope it won’t take another seven for my story to increase with reads.

This week was pretty sad in terms of new readers. Only two new readers for my ongoing story. As I said, thankfully there are regular readers reading new chapters I post. Right now, they’re the only people encouraging me to continue writing.


I love writing to, but it’s discouraging when readers appear to prefer completed stories. Years ago, you would have no problem getting new stories discovered quickly.


Completed stories has always been a preference. It wasn’t any easier years ago.


I agree! Even before wattpad existed, I’d try to advertise my work only to hear most people perferred completed works.


Even with my completed story, reads have been pretty dead for the last few days. I maybe had one or two active readers and that was it.


Once a book is completed, it tends to drop into the black void of nothing.


I know what you mean. I love love love my stories and characters, but motivation can be a fleeting thing.Question why it’s hard for you to get motivated. Are you afraid of failure? Are you not interested in the story? Do you need to take a breather and clear your head before you write? Are you writing at the wrong time of the day?

It can get hella complicated.

One thing I do is freaking DROWN myself in soundtrack. I will listen to songs that relate to my story/characters. It gets me thinking about the book, and feeling excited to write. Music can heavily influence our emotions.

If I’m having a really hard time focusing or staying motivated, I set a timer. I spend 20 minutes focusing on NOTHING but my book. I can play some soundtrack in the back, but that’s about it. After that 20 minutes is up, I can do whatever, or I can keep writing. Usually after the 20 minutes I want to keep writing though, haha. I hope this helps!


Reading other people stories on Wattpad, especially the ones I’m friend with, motivates me more than anything else when I’m down. Because when I see them achieving their goals, some as simple as finishing or posting a new chapter, or landing a xxK mark, or starting a new story, then I remember that there is zero valid reason to doubt myself and I get back to writing ^^ :muscle::fire:


Mine is different situation one of my book had 40k reads before I finished writing, then another 150k reads came after I completed the book.


I find it motivating, tbh, because well, hope springs eternal, and I keep hoping that this here will be the story that will be discovered till the very moment I write ‘The End’. Once I post, it is harder to maintain that motivation, of course, but, well, then I am back to ‘because I love it, that’s why’

Dealing with failure is hard, but as long as the choice to persist or give up is yours and only yours, that’s all that matters.


I go in and out of motivation. It’s natural. You can’t keep coming up with “amazing ideas” without living your own life to find inspiration.
Write when you have that inspiration and run with it.
To motivate yourself try and get a storyline that interests you so much you have to finish it!