How to link to other users and stories within your own story?

I’ve noticed some people, particularly in contests, linking to the stories and profiles of other Wattpad users within their own story. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do this. Is it a premium feature? How does it work?

I’m not talking about that external link thing.

Neither can I. Who can though?


Hello !

You cannot put any link into a story. Well, you can, but it won’t be clickable.

What you do is tag other people usernames. Those will be clickable.
You can also put the link in comment at the line where you indicated it or use the external link.

Only Wattpad official profiles can add clickable links.

Just put a ‘@’ in front of the username.

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Putting @ in front of the username works in comments, but in the actual text of the book, it doesn’t seem to do a thing.

It works for me, though? Odd.


Do you have a subscription/premium membership?


It’s finicky. Type @, start typing and choose the name from suggestion and hit enter.

Only HQ and people in charge of official ambassador/contest profiles can put actual links in the book. The @ option for user name does work, but it’s spotty at best. Most of the time when I try it everything after the name becomes a hyper link so I gave up even trying.


Good to know!

Out of curiosity, is there anything you’d suggest as an alternative? I love linking to inspiration and the like for my work, so it’s something I’d love to figure out a method for. Right now I’m just thinking of typing “the comment attached to this line has a link to (whatever),” but then you can’t always copy comments… I know why it’s so hard, but any suggestions?

Other than using the one external link provided for each chapter, no. I’m afraid I have no suggestions. I don’t personally link anything to my books so I’m not sure if there is any loophole to get around security.

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The one what? Is there one of those?

When you’re creating the chapter (at least on the web. IDK how to find it if you use the app since I don’t use the app) there is the three dots in the upper right hand corner. That’ll bring up additional items you can do to that chapter, one being the external link. That will allow you to attach one link to the chapter. Again it’s been a long time since I used it so I can’t remember where it displays within the chapter, but there will be some place the readers can click to get to that link.