How to make a chapter longer??

So I’m sorta really bad at expanding my chapters, I have a concrete idea, a start and finish (within the chapter) but I struggle with making it more appealing and longer. Any tips??

Have you thought about breaking up the scene and looking at how the flow of it all is? Do you use description? How do the characters interact? Do they have a lot of dialogue?

I am bad at dialogue, I’ll admit, but sometimes I just feel like if I keep going, add more description, more dialogue I’m forcing it too much and that it sounds wrong

Have you considered looking at the chapter as a whole and breaking it down into parts? That could help?


Throw in some redundancy and purple prose. It’s what the Twilight author did and Storm and Silence series lol

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I should definitely try that, thanks!!

I hate redundancies and purple prose! lol It drives me mad, Like why are you taking 5 pages to tell me she likes him?

However, I haven’t actually read those books, any good?

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No probs. Glad I could help :slight_smile:

My instinct would be that it’s ok if chapter is short as long as you’re capturing all you need and want to capture.


This is my answer too. If the chapter is done, it’s done. Unless every chapter is a page, then it doesn’t quite matter how short they are.

Your chapter is done when it feels done so you might wind up annoying the reader if you try to force more out of it. There’s really no set length to shoot for.


I can give a longer answer later, but have you looked into motivation-reaction units and scene and sequel? Seriously, [your brand of internet search] those. It’s a starting place for plotting at the scene level and might help.


Whoa, I never heard of motivation-reaction units. This is great!

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Yeah, it’s one specific plotting/writing system, but I feel like after one is aware of the existence of multiple ‘systems’ then it gets easier to see what they have in common, how useful they are, and how to develop your own method that works for you.

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Thank you all so much! @uncleL and @Prisim thanks for the peace of mind of knowing that I’m not a complete failure when I can’t get a chapter past a page and @KaranSeraph I didn’t even know that existed!! I definitely now have afternoon plans!!


Well Twilight is pretty bad but if you don’t mind one storyline split out over five books, then Storm and Silence is for you. I gave up halfway through book three and just check the updates every once in awhile to see if there’s any character development.

I think I’ve heard of that series. They’re super popular Wattpad books arent they? Never read them myself since they didn’t particularly appeal to me, but I’ve seen people raving about them. It’s always getting spam voted for in user run contests.

I make a chapter longer by first writing the chapter barebones- focusing on the plot- the characters etc; not working about details quite yet and then I go back through the chapter after its finished and add more details- Etc;

Yeah they are. I used to be that fangirl attacking the haters (oh my 2015 self needed shot). I stopped reading also because Rob got a ghost writer because he got busy and the characters started not being consistent as well as some of the grammar was, uh, sub-par. Also, he hopped on the radish bandwagon and posting the chapter before early, so every person would read the chapter on radish early for money then come to wattpad and spoil everything. So you could get like two chapters for $1, and with his books being over 100 chapters per book, that’s over $50, whereas he gets his books published in paperback for $17 and those are edited, not drafts like on radish.

Just my little rant on that book. I cringe every time it wins a stupid popularity award.

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Hey rant away. I think you’re very entitled given you used to be a fan and then had that fall from grace. It’s seriously lame people would spoil it after reading it on Radish.i hate people who go out of their way to spoil things.

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Me too. I still can’t go back to TWD after a spoiler…