How to Make a Living as a Professional Self-Published Author


Yeah, I can’t really help with regards to non InDesign options becasue I only use InDesign. Hope you find something you are happy with.


Hi, thanks to everyone here. I’m the one that “bumped” this thread.

I knew I wanted to take the time one day to completely go through the posts and write down the advice I thought was the most relevant to me.

Again, I want to say that I appreciate everyone’s advice.


I got a PDF to have 30 pgs by exporting from Open Office. But always run into technical problems on Amazon, Lulu & Blurb, then ask Tech Support over and over for live chat and email help.

It was so exhausting mentally this the past week trying to self publish. I might just pay Blurb if I can’t manage to figure it out. They’ve been the most supportive (maybe a smaller company does that)

I don’t want to make a living w/this, btw. Just print the simple comic before my time is up.