How to Make a Living as a Professional Self-Published Author


frankly I’d be proud of an author averaging 4/5 stars on Amazon. But perhaps I’m just one of the mindless sheep of the industry.


I have to say this and I probably will look stupid for it. If I were a self published author and I didn’t get perfect ratings, I’m still proud for putting myself out there for people to check out my work. :slight_smile:

Is this stupid or rude for me to say?


nah. and tbh it’s foolish to expect you’ll get perfect ratings. And, more often than not, the people who expect to be lauded a writing hero and get nothing but praise…

end up…

with the worst reviews.


Yeah I agree.


Getting reviews at all is hard! Trust me, I’ve only had one on my debut novel and I’ve been up for a year and a half. If an author (no matter how big or how small) has people looking at their book, AND taking the time to review them, congrats to them! We smaller self-published authors send them our congratulations.


No! Letting the world look at your work is hard! And even if it doesn’t do well, you took a step most people are afraid to take.


Yeah and I agree 110% on that :slight_smile:. At the moment I’m trying to get ready to get my tasc/ged diploma so I can go to college.


Good for you!


Thanks :smiley:. Is writing your main 9-5 job or something else?


4.5 out of 5 is an EXCELLENT rating. Moreover? Thats out of nearly 800 reviews for the first book I clicked. Truly that is indeed a success in self pub @AWExley congratulations! I know I read part of The Heart of The Kraken when it was still on wattpad and really really liked what I read :heart:


I admit I hadn’t heard of A W Exley before this thread (sits outside of my usual reading genre) and headed over to Amazon to check out the preview of one of the books.

Ho-ly Mo-ly.

Before I knew it I was at the end of the preview. The visual style of the writing was stunning and the pace was spot on. Thoroughly impressed and well earned reviews and praise for the books. Definitely on my TBR now.


I mean i know @AWExley because, back when the hotlists were still genre, she was always high up in the fantasy rankings and i loved her covers


I got some serious cover art envy. I am a sucker for anything sepia toned and steampunkery and I wasn’t disappointed!




to be read


Ok thanks!


I just want yo come here and say again that I’m so grateful for everyone who’s published, self or traditonal, who comes out here and Wattpad and shares their knowledge. Schuyler seems to be having a very bad day, but his views don’t speak for everyone here. I know how successful they all are, and I have no idea what he’s talking about. Personally, my idea of a successful author is being able to earn a living from your writing. I could care less if everyone knew my name (most people dont know most authors anyway outside of Rowling and King???) If I made even a third of what A.W. Exley makes I’d consider that abundant success as a writer. And having the rating average they do on their books, out of all the reads they grt, is truly telling of the quality. Its superb!

I honestly hope he self publishes soon for his own sake. I think it would help him feel accomplished. I’d like to think one day he’ll be on here sharing advice and helping others learn as well, but that is starting to feel more optimistic than realistic. I’m actually really worried for him, it just seems that he’s getting so mean lately and personal.


Thank you @XimeraGrey for continuing to deliver accurate information about the industry. Your service is seen, appreciated and well noted despite the turbulence of a personality who we have all had the ill fate of dealing with. Thank you also to every author large or small who have also contributed to this thread to set things straight. I don’t always comment but I watch and absorb a lot of things and I can say you all match exactly the information shared by other trad/indie authors/agents on twitter so I appreciate the opportunity to be an unpublished but well-informed writer. Do note that many people here see you and appreciate your purpose here.

As the elephant in the room, I hold no water in my mouth to say that I am in utter disgust and I am ashamed of the behaviour of Schuyler Thorpe. I like many others on this site have watched on countless threads the continual denigration of writers of all description on this site. Many times young teenagers who are very impressionable and just need a guiding hand and from him such is never offered. Many times it is authors who have done the actual work and not just sing empty self-praises with no substance. Other times the targets are published authors off of wattpad. Regardless of publishing status, finance or image none of you deserve this. I can only hope that this moment is not a stain on the time you’ve spent here actually contributing to the holistic development of this community. Do always remember we love you and I wish you all the continued success in your endeavours.

I think one of the most important lessons to take away from this incident whether you are going indie or trad publishing is that this business is about partnerships. You don’t succeed alone. Whether it’s with your agent, editors, CP’s or other authors. Respect and courtesy go a long way. As the old adage goes manners maketh man. No one wants to work with an author who isn’t a relatable or respectable person. Nor do readers want to interact with those kinds of personalities, such people make themselves persona non grata. Regardless of how much you may think you know, how much you may earn, in this creative business, people are your greatest asset and if you aren’t managing that well, expect to be at the starting line for a long long time. Then again, how much did you actually learn? Just my 2 cents.


Absolutely not. Writing a book is hard. Even writing a bad book (not implying yours is!) is an accomplishment that most people will never achieve. Hold your head up high!

Know your goals and worry about them, don’t worry about everyone else’s idea of success. That way madness lies :slight_smile:


No, right now writing is just my hobby, but someday I hope to become a full time writer. Either that, or a movie writer/director/producer.