How to Make a Living as a Professional Self-Published Author


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My friend works for a tiny publisher in my home country (which is also very small) and she has said pretty much the same. It’s such a close-knitted industry, so if you act like a pain, everyone will know and no one will want to work with you. Whether you’re an agent, graphic designer, PA or author. Doesn’t matter, just behave.


Brilliant, thank you. My publisher, a small indie press, had exactly the same comments in their blog. That is when I stopped trying for an agent (and hence the big 5) and submitted to them instead I even got accepted. I’d rather be an experimental fish in a small pond where I might learn something about the industry, than bin-fodder in a bigger pond. Mixed metaphore yes. But describes very well what i think.

Otherwise, I strongly believe in the old adage “What goes around, comes around.” In a world where bullying behaviour has become the norm, morals don’t count, and laughter at somebody else’s misfortune counts as cleverness i prefer to be old-fashioned. Doesn’t stop me from swearing once in a while, but there you go.


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I’ve long suspected something like this is true in publishing, since it happens in many other industries. Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) put it as, “You can have a bad attitude or bad performance, but you can’t have both.”


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Thank you for this post. It’s a fascinating insight into what goes on in publisher’s minds.


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So, how would a publisher/agent know you were a big pain? Or a big love before they’ve even worked with you?


These days, just Googling you. If they see social media full of ranting they know you’re a pain.

But it can also come into play after you’ve signed a contract and start going back and forth with your editor. That’s how you can progress from Midlist to Backlist before you’re even published: by making such a pain in the bum of yourself that your editor dreads your next email / phone call / brunch.


Wow! This is a “must need to know” for any author planning to publish.

The worst that can happen for any author is to end their careers before their debut.


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Ultimately if someone wants writing to be their career, then they must treat it with professionalism.


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Acually I believe inscest is allowed in content if the characters are of age? I have to check that one. Its underage content that is insta ban


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Aah, ok. So being to the fore on social media with ranting and slagging off could put you on every publisher’s blacklist? That figures. I’m not sure why people even do that. It’s so bitter.


It’s funny though, because now they look you up on social media for ANY job! You could not just get blacklisted as an author, but have trouble finding any job as well if you’re mean online!


Exactly. It just adds to the overall amount of anger and hatred in the world, and frankly who has time for that?

Indeed. It’s strange, because I feel that what people use their personal social media for is their own business, but on the other hand once that person is out in the wild representing your company, people will connect the two in their minds, so I can see both sides of it.