How to Make a Living as a Professional Self-Published Author


The feedback I got on short stories on wattpad was basically, “Loved it!” or “OMG!” Not the kind of feedback that will make you a better writer. But short stories aren’t very popular on wattpad and when I joined wattpad I was a short story writer.

My most popular short story on wattpad got requests for, “More, more, more,” so I expanded it to an 84K-word novel. But I didn’t put that novel on wattpad. It’s for sale. Doing that, I learned the, “More, more, more,” needed to be appended with, “Free, free, free.” LOL

So I moved from short stories to novels and stopped posting stories on wattpad. I’m here for this club.

As an aside, I used to write comic scripts. I think they’re closer to screenplays than novels. Of course there’s the plot, dialogue, and description (what the artist draws in each panel), but I also had to do camera angles and perspectives (although maybe the last two are what the director does and not the screenwriter — don’t know).


I agree with all of this.


I think the thing about this is what do you mean by “adult”. Like, most of the popular books on here are actually NA or even with an MC a bit older than that, not YA, so adults would be the intended audience. Teens read them, of course, but the INTENDED audience was adults, not teens.

Also some people still get lucky. I did no advertising at all and my book has done immensely well in the little over a year it’s been up! So, most people have to advertise, but there are still some stories of luck every once in a while.

Also, yeah, no serious critiques! I agree with that! I’ve been trying to improve my English by using this site, but I would in no way use it for anything more than seeing if I had an audience if I actually wanted any “feedback” from this site.

My writing HAS improved since I’ve been on here, but it’s also because my audience has made sure I actually finished my first novel and my English has definitely gotten better! :blush:

I can see how it can have minimal benefits to people who are already published and are writing in their native tongue or something like that that :blush: