How to make incredible and likable sequels?


Man of Steele was a snooze-fest. It was supposed to be a more emotional and less action-driven Superman story but the bad acting and the fact that there was no chemistry between Lois and Clarke - and the instant romance - made the movie almost unbearable for me.

Man of Steele may have had its faults and been a snooze fest, but I still think Batman v Superman and Justice League is some of DC’s absolute WORST work :joy:


Anime sagas are cool. Even turn into a visual-read-novel.


I would make one exception. That Hollywood turns my Meteor Girl novel into the same format (and director) as I Kill Giants.


So how big was your first book compared to #2?


MoS is not a snooze fest for those who like it, I’ve seen them in the m\comment section. In BvS, they gave us a much older, more experienced, and grounded batman who fought crime for 20 years. he lost a robin, crime has been worst and seen superman as a bad guy after what happened in metropolis.

Superman became a controversy because of what he is, a god, which such power that caused people to be anxious, my guess is that they still can’t trust him. He’s dangerous to the world. Even Lex made a mad pan that makes him look even worse.

Let’s get into the conflict, Superman asked batman for help because martha is missing. The REAL reason why superman can’t use his super hearing because according to the director that there was a scene where he uses it and heard crimes all over the world. he felt guilt and sadness and it’ll be selfish just to focus on one- his mother. That’s pain for him.

After the battle, they soon learn about Lex’s true plan. So they went on. batman rescued martha and superman confronted Lex, who still doesn’t know how to give up ye. And created Doomsday via transforming Zod’s dead body with Lex’s human dna which is confusing.

Doomsday awakens and destroys superman (The monster attempted to hit lex, but superman still saved him despite what he had done, that’s a noble hero trope right there). Batman came to help. Wonder woman came out because of this situation. Took her a while.

Since the moster is Kryptonian, it’s weakness is Kryptonite. So she came to the well where she had thrown and suddenly got trapped by debris. WW was badass btw. Superman was thrown to a shattered building. Before he attacks, he heard louse banging on the boulder that trapped her. Superman goes to the rescue, saw the kryptonite spear which batman created to kill him, and realized what he must do. To end the fight, it’s superman who flew to doomsday and pointed a spear to it. He was the one who had to do it. Because he believed his sacrifice would “rebuild” the world to better. And finally inspired batman and wonder woman w\to come out and be the heroes they used to be. And thus, forming the Justice league

Oh shit, this one is personal for me, I’ll explain why in a minute. Just hang on.


That’s a good question, fellow person, The Dragonslayer is slightly shorter than book 2, because in book 2 there will be more adventures and myserties involved


How many words?


I’m not saying there aren’t people who don’t like MoS, but the general opinion is not a good one and same with BvS, so it’s not like mine is an unpopular opinion or anything :joy:

The casting of Lex Luthor bombed and ruined a big section of the move. The storyline was all over the place and Superman’s death didn’t shock anyone or hurt because we knew they would just reverse it later - which they did in the horror that was Justice League!

Yeah, no, I think VERY lowly of every DC movie other than the Dark Knight trilogy and WW :woman_shrugging:

You’re entitled to your opinion and I respect that, but I will not stop thinking that they were horrible failures, no matter how much you argue in its favour :joy:


This is where Warner bros. screwed up in Justice league, but there’s nothing I can do for Warner Bros. continue. Justice league was supposed to be a “redemption” to the previous titles, except wonder woman, it’s one of the greatest gifts in my birthday last year,

there’s a bts video of Justice league involving the original director Zack snyder, in which t\everything is looking well. But nope, Waner bros. decided to change the movie a lot. There are great scenes in the trailer that were not in the movie. And so many deleted scenes posted online which angered fans. What you see in the theatrica version of JL, it’s basically the “fake” one.

And yeah, the sad truth about this that they handled it pretty badly.

But, it is time for me to move along after I went all out with my thoughts. The only future awaits us, especially a few weeks away, is Aquaman. A new introduction of Arhur curry’s story and Atlantis. For next year will be Shazam! and Wonder woman 1984 in 2020. My fingers are crossed.


I’m excited for Shazam and I have faith for Aquaman! Hopefully they’ll save the DCU!

But, yeah, Justice League was about the most ridiculous movie DC has ever made. It was HORRID in my opinion with almost no redeeming qualities :joy:


The best is yet to come. DC may not have a good start, I am optimistic with aquaman too. And damn that classic outfit! That is why making a good sequel is important and not letting it messed up.

Let’s just leave the superhero converse and move along :joy:


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