how to make sets for a series

I just published my book which is part of a series, but its going to be a 6 part series and a I wanted to do a 2 set series. But how?

What do you mean by a “set”? I’m a bit confused what you mean.

And when you say a “6 part series” do you mean it’s a serial with 6 instalments, or is it a series of full length books?

I do boxed sets that each contain 3 full length novels (over 900 pages).

That’s what I meant

So what is your question about boxed sets?

I add the 3 books together into one file. Done.

You don’t create boxed sets until the whole series is out. Focus on book ONE.

I am doing the same thing

I’m on the first book of a triolgy and in or to make it a set of 3 books

I’m doing the chapters like this B1C1, B1C2 etc… I’m now on the 10th chapter of the first book. The book will have at least 50-60 chapters. Once the book is completed I move on to the next on where it will be like B2C1 B2C2 etc…

Book 1 is done and out, I’m working on book 2 because it’s too short.

If the series isn’t even out, stop worrying about boxed sets. They cannibalise sales and you don’t put them out until either the series is finished, or you’ve moved beyond what is in the set. For example, I do boxed sets of 3 novels once book 4 is out.

You also need to decide what you are doing. Boxed sets are fantastic tools for KU pages read if you go exclusive, or if you are wide, I have boxes on the other retailers that I don’t put on Amazon due to their pricing restrictions.

What about smash words?

What about Smashwords? I don’t see a specific question about them?

And personally I’ve never used Smashwords for a number of different reasons. I go direct to the main retailers (Amazon, Kobo, B&N, Apple, GP) so I can make use of in-store promotions that are only available if you are direct.