How To Parody Avatar: The Last Airbender

I was thinking of doing a bit of a parody of Avatar: The Last Airbender (and possibly The Legend of Korra too), but IDK how to parody something like the elements and bending without it being too direct.

I also wanna parody the characters without it seeming too much like Ember Island Players.

So, yeah, suggestions are welcome.

Hahahhh!!! I was legit gonna say “Ember Island.” :rofl:

How silly do you want it to be? What I’m thinking sounds pretty heavy until you get to what you would literally be writing.

I’m imagining a group of kids in a “home,” orphans (children who are accused of being mentally unstable) who couldn’t deal with the reality of their lives and imagine (not imagine… Genuinely believe) they have elemental powers. (Think, Pan’s Labyrinth.)

They’re all held in separate wings. :thinking: All the orphans can be from different places with different backgrounds and beliefs and they want to unite all the children to fight against the older kids (like Azula and Zuko) and the orderlies (Ozai) to free all the “nations” and unite the “world.”

The kids are convinced they’re using powers, and truly believe bending is real-- but the reality would look hilarious. “Bending” with no result- convinced their “powers” are obliterating the enemy (think Dinner for Schmucks). Hahahah! Please tell me you’ve seen that movie so you can share my vision!!! :joy: Everyone involved has to be convinced the bending is real. That’s the only way something that depressing could be funny. :joy:


I’ve always been obsessed with the “I’m an emo kid” dubbed over Zuko with all his angsty emo moments and always wanted to do something with that. You could play on that lol

Depends how goofy you want to be with it. I studied a lot of parody and satire before I started writing it. Maybe start there?

I don’t know. I’m thinking something sort of on the lines of Spaceballs where it’s obvious what it’s parodying without it being too direct (funny story: I was introduced to Spaceballs as a kid long before I was introduced to Star Wars).

Funny story: My aunt watched Space Balls before watching Star Wars, and when she watched Star Wars, she claimed it was a ripoff parody of Space Balls before my dad explained that it was vice versa.

Back on topic, I was thinking of ideas like “What if the Cabbage Merchant was a scam-artist?”, “What if Toph had no powers?” or “What if Katara went full villain like she almost did in The Southern Raiders?”. Basically subverting some of the standards the show set on us.

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I’m pretty sure the movie version is the parody. Live action that is.




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I have an idea!!!

We can make it like Space Balls!!!

We can have Meta Humor, Pop Culture References, Visual Gags and Song and dance numbers. But, At the same time, We can have some great action, Creative effects, Interesting Dialogue, And of course…
Situations that everyone can relate to!

That’s what I suggested earlier.

Anyways, the trickiest part is figuring out the elements. Should it be like Adventure Time where the elements are silly stuff like slime and candy?

Of Course!

Okay. What elements should we use? I’m thinking one would be vegetable, but what should the others be?

Sorry, it was just so terrible


On the contrary, “Vampire’s Sucks” is the legit Twilight.


A strawberry - Fruit

A Cotton Candy - Candy

Purple Slime

Don’t want it to seem too much like Adventure Time though (even if it is one of the main inspirations).

Oh, Okay.

I do like Fruit bending though (we’ll call bending something else of course)

The Cabbage Bender

Edit: have you watched Galavant? It would be like the Cabbage Tossing thing

Yes, I’ve seen Galavant, but I was more thinking my version of the cabbage merchant would be a little more like Grunkle Stan from Gravity Falls (man, I’m pretty much putting every cartoon into this Avatar parody).

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