How to promote self-published books?

I self-published my book on Amazon KDP as an ebook and the paperback will be available in a few days. I’m sure the book will be no success and I’m okay with that for now. After all, it’s the first time I publish and you all know how challenging self-publishing is. Still, I’d like to do my absolute best. Tips and tricks on how to promote the book are much appreciated. Also, there are a lot of blogs on that matter, so if you know a good one, please recommend it. If you have any experience or did anything that helped your self-published book, please tell me about it. Thank you!

What genre? Who is your target audience (specifically)? That’s your starting point.

Mystery/thriller. Target audience: Women, teens, thriller fans.

You need to be more specific. Women and teens don’t hang out in the same places – and not all women and teens like the same things. Who ARE thriller readers?

Describe the absolute perfect reader for your book – someone who you’d say “Oh my God, I have a book you’d LOVE!”

  • How old is this person?
  • Gender?
  • What country?
  • Specific part of the country?
  • Race?
  • Job?
  • What other books does this person like?
  • What TV shows?
  • What movies?
  • What hobbies does this person have?
  • Active on social media? Which apps?
  • If an adult, does this person have kids?
  • Religion?
  • Politics?

By answering those questions, you can start identifying ways to get your book in front of that reader. If you do ads, you’ll be able to target MUCH more effectively.

My WIP, for example, is general fiction about a boy and his uncle training an injured retriever for a field trial. My target reader is women, age 35-55, who participate in activities with their dogs. Of course it could (will be!) read by far more people than that narrow definition, but that’s where I’m most likely to find my super fans – the readers who read the book first and share it with everyone they know.

Congrats on your debut novel. FWIW, I think 3 is a magic number, so my rule of thumb is you should be spending 90% - 95% of your time writing book #2 and then #3, and THEN you can worry about marketing your body of work.

During that 5% - 10% of the time that you are working on marketing - I suggest you use Goodreads and start getting involved in that community. Make some friends there and participate (AS A READER) in the goodreads groups.