How to redo a book to make it more “original “?

I got an old story that I plan on uploading to here that’s got vampires and billionaires in it but how can I change the interview part into something else?

Hey there! :slight_smile: Billionaire vampires sound cool. What’s your concern about it not being original? Interview?

I emailed the author Anne Rice and she said no to using that kind of theme

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Ah. Ok, yeah I guess I could see how that makes sense since it’s an overused trope. To set yourself apart from the over saturation you’d need a unique hook of some sort but honestly if you feel you have a strong idea trust in it because even if it’s overused that one difference could be what solidifies it as yours and makes it worth reading. Remember some authors got told no a bunch before they made it through - I’m looking at you JK Rowling :joy:

I plan on publishing everything that I’ve written on my google docs account

Yeah this is tricky because if your work is too heavily inspired by another authors, that is plagerism which is illegal. You can keep the concept of billlionaire vampires but I would recomend creating your own characters and giving them each a goal which are different then the goals in Anne Rice’s work.

The story idea can be somewhat similar but the plot needs to be different.

I have never read her stories so I can’t help you so much there. Perhaps your vampires have an object/ secret they want to protect and someone else is trying to find it. Perhaps your vampires want to use their wealth to find a cure and not be a vampire anymore or perhaps make the whole world a vampire.

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I’m currently rewriting one of my old works. It’s kinda works off the old school spirit animal trope which can be over saturated but I believe my hook is just the bit of difference that gets people to look past it and see where I’m going. I think if you stay more true to yourself than try to necessarily try to change to please everyone (which is literally impossible) you’ll have something you’re proud of as well as cultivate a loyal audience.

All of the characters are from classic novels but I’m trying to figure out how to make it more original

Do you think I should do something instead of an interview?

If you are using characters from other sources I think your story is actually a fanfiction. I’m not sure how this works with plagarism laws.


If you’re going to do it with her specific characters or even characters that could remotely relate to hers you’re essential writing a fanfiction (at least that’s what I’d categorize it as) and that’s fine but you’d need to state that properly. You could modernize it and make the characters do something like a blog or a YouTube channel.

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You could also do something like looking at the interview as a director - like the characters could be actors acting out the movie and you could show the behind the scenes or something.

Anything from 100+ year old books like Peter Pan for example you can use it in any way because it’s over 100+ years old (I forgot the name of the law that allows it but yeah)

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Well now that I’m starting to think about it what if it’s after Romeo had found out Dracula’s lies and leaves and works towards giving up on love. After that he would go back to houses of capulet and Montague to bring peace between them and end the feud. But I’m not happy with it :weary:

What’s a good substitute for an interview? Like what about Romeo being a billionaire that’s still connected with the Houses of the Montagues and Capulets and instead of an interview it’s be something else like an arranged marriage to a human that was born and raised in a neighboring clan who the Capulets work with?

Hmmm I mean I could give you my opinion, but it may not be what you’re looking for since it’d be my personal opinion. You could put up a poll and have WP users vote on your different ideas to get a gauge on what people want to read, but fair warning most people will tell you what I did and say for you to write whatever you personally feel strongest about.

I just don’t wanna get sued so I’ll be deleting it :pensive:

Maybe my work won’t be meant to be published?

I mean if it’s a fanfic (which again it sounds like it it falls more in line with) you can use it as long as you give credit to the original author, but if that’s what you want to do then that’s fine too.

Hmm…what if It was William Shakespeare that had a diary of dreams about Romeo and Juliet and how it was the complete opposite of the way he ended it in real life?