How to sell ebooks on a blog

I can’t work with amazon because it just won’t work. So here’s the question…can I sell plain ebooks on a blog instead of a individual company?

Yes, it’s possible. I have seen indie authors selling their books on Amazon as well as on their websites. Unfortunately, I don’t know how and would like to, which is why I wandered in, hoping somebody has already responded. But, I’m glad you decided to ask this question!

But, one thing I can tell you, though I don’t know whether it’ll help you in any way - I don’t even know which website you’re using. I’m building mine on and it has an option to have a shop. I haven’t used it yet, because I’m contented with Amazon Store, so far. I think some other website-making aids also have this option. Do try to explore it and see if it helps you.

Yes, but it’s a pain in the ass. You need to have shopping cart functionality installed, because that will help track taxes – and you’re responsible for reporting those taxes to whomever they have to be reported to. God forbid you sell to someone outside of the US. Then taxes get REALLY complicated.


You can, but if you think Amazon is difficult to deal with, you ain’t seen nothing yet.


So how come it’s not working at Amazon? I think you just need to create an account there and give them your bank info so they can make deposits when you sell books. Have you tried Kobo? I used them before I decided to join KDP Select and Kobo was pretty easy. I’ve never tried Nook Press but everyone says they’re pretty good too. And you could publish with iBooks if you own a Mac. Or you could use Draft2Digital and they’ll distribute to all of these and a few more, I think, but I’ve never used them either. Good luck with whatever you do! ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

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Look what Amazon does for you.

They format your book. They are a known commodity with an established customer base and websites. Have preview sections. Collect sales taxes and pay what they collect to the government(s) they collected it on behalf of. Handles credit card transactions. Handles returns and refunds. Pays you. Has sales reporting. Keeps track of your income and provides a 1099-MISC so that you can report it on your income taxes. And that’s just in the U.S. Outside of the U.S. they have to handle currency conversion, other kinds of taxes, and a plethora of other things I don’t even want to know about.

Oh, and there are additional things they do if it’s in paper format (rather than ebook), like printing, shipping, etc.

You’re an author having problems with the publishing side. Don’t even think about taking on the distribution side.


How do sites like Kickstarter work? I’m planning on looking into it but do you know anything about it?

I don’t. I believe it’s a funding site. People don’t buy your books on Kickstarter. They donate money to you so that you can write a book. They kickstart your project.

Their mission is “To bring creative projects to life.”

Oh okay I just thought I’d ask because I’m very bad in editing stories. :cry:

Do you need to be famous?

Kickstarter has nothing to do with editing your stories unless it’s to raise money to pay for an editor.

Do you have to be famous? Why would anyone give you money to write (or edit) a book?

Oh my god I’m so F^^king stupid.

That’s what I meant I’m researching for people that can help me out.To hire for steps into getting ready for self publishing.

Reedsy is where you can find reputable editors to help you. They won’t be cheap, though.

It doesn’t matter I’m needing a polished book. Ya know?

This is true. Definitely.

@MichaelStValentine I think it’s best that you start off with Amazon first, before you think of any other ways. Maybe that’ll give you some direction for selling, etc.