How to start a romantic story?



Many Wattpad books start that way. I have never ever read a published book that starts with the character waking up, showering, and going to school.

I can give the example of the book I’m writing. My first chapter starts out with my female MC, June, walking into a classroom – she is disabled and the bully of the class shouts something insulting at her. She gives him a sassy retort.
This immediately introduces you to June, how she is perceived, and what her personality is like.

To state it broadly, give me some kind of conflict in the first chapter.

Waking up and taking a shower isn’t going to tell me anything interesting, because most people do it every day.


well nice start


your ways… incredible as always


well that explains a lot…
don’t do the typical mean girls in your novel you ll regret it later is what you come to say but yea I agree it gets to clear and nothing to surprise


that’s just too nice to be a start don’t you think… a kiss that’s like oops we just were in a wet dream…haha


this seems niceee


that’s a nice start but some stories would set to them what about a general simple story


a character monologue… yea but whats the setting… how do youstart by start I meant the literal start the first line…


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makes huge sense…
that’s a nice start… to your book thank you


well if you love warewolfs you and her are the same person because she loves warewolf books and she writes a few too


I’m not sure I understand the question.


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I just thought you could give some examples of how you would like to start like many people suggested they would start with a mc in the coffee shop or working so give an example