How to use PMs here?



How do you use this? How are you supposed to?

I really don’t know. Please tell me.


Like, do you use it to have private conversations? idk


You use private messages to tell people things that you don’t want others to see. Like maybe you want to share a scathing book review you wrote for someone’s book but you don’t want to embarrass them in public.


Oh! Okay, thanks.


I use private messages to privately ask people questions just so I can directly talk to them.

Thread notifications can be easily lost but private messages are easy to reply to.


I use it to complain about things that aren’t useful for threads- or to just find bugs


That’s true.


Hmm… Yeah, using threads just clogs this up, maybe?


It’s also good for group chats :stuck_out_tongue: If you have like a Co-Author and an Editor


I’m confused about how those PMs will be integrated to the website? Will it replace the inbox even though the inbox isn’t linked to the clubs currently? Also will the future clubs have our profiles directly linked to our user like in the current clubs? Ha, I have so many questions. :weary:


I don’t know, but I think these inboxes will remain seperate. Also, @uncleL and others are talking about integrating these accs with our wattpad ones.


They are talking about replacing the old inbox system- This hasn’t been confirmed yet.
I’m not sure if the Clubs are going to be combined with the site? Because I’ve heard and seen several different things- Where it might be- Where it might not be- Where it might just be it’s on separate thing- but if it does become the official clubs and for some reason doesn’t go on the main site- We will be getting the ability to log in with our Wattpad Profiles from what I understand.

These are really questions for Lauren xD


Did someone mention clogs!

I hesitant to try PMs. I didn’t like the old ones.


The New PMS are great! Once you get past the bugs- They are still trying to fix some I believe. It’s hard to keep up with updates/bug fixes without a change log xD

Do you want me to message you? You might like it :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah you mean PMs? Yes definitely.


Eh, don’t worry, it’s just me asking myself these questions :joy: but god I hope these clubs will be combined with the site, otherwise I don’t see the point lol.


If this site gets it’s own app- I think I would be okay with it- But I really want these forums to be combined with the other site- Maybe if it’s combined people will actually give it a chance :frowning:


agreed!! people won’t go if it’s not the same website, it gets too confusing.


This part is the only part we have an official answer for, yes the profiles will be under one account as the clubs are now.

The rest of your questions haven’t been decided on yet (or at least not publicly. In private they might’ve but we just don’t get to hear it yet because they’re working out the kinks) Personally I do hope this PM system replaces the current one because I do like the ability to add more than one person to a discussion. There have been a couple of times where I was literally having the same discussion with three different people. So it would’ve been nice to just join them together (with their permission of course)


Yeah, because I’ve wanted to share a discord link with different people in a thing me and my friends do, so I wrote new ones every time until I realized i could copy-paste :joy: