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One of the best ways to develop and learn your character is to place them in situation and imagine what they would do. Instead of “commanding” them to do what you want, let them play it out on their own. The things we put them through will show readers exactly who they are, as apposed to being told who and taking the author’s word for it. That doesn’t usually make for the most interesting story. But how well do you really know your character? Enough to know they would…

How it works:

The first person to comment will answer the initial question, then they will post their own question. Share your character’s name, and why or under what circumstances they would or wouldn’t do it. Feel free to include a short example. After you’ve answered, you may pose your own question. Some examples of what and how you can ask:

a. Why would your character wear a bathrobe in public?

b. Which one of your characters would steal a gun?

c. If there is someone, who and why would they threaten to take everything from him?

d. Your character can choose to fight and win their point or give up and walk away, what would he do? Why, and what would it prove?


Keep it PG-13. There are kids on this site.

If you do not understand the question, you may ask. However, if you don’t know how to answer it, please wait to post until you do.

Please don’t go off topic. You can create a new thread or PM someone if you wish.

You can answer and pose questions as much as you like, but remember to give everyone a turn. If someone has answered that question already, you can still post an answer, but it would be preferred that you answered the unanswered question.

It’s preferred that you use a character example that is from an available Wattpad book, so other players can enjoy learning more about your character. If it is a book you plan on posting soon, this works, also.

Starting question:
Which one, and why would one of your characters steal an umbrella from a random person on the street?


100% Sethral, and she would do so because rain burns her little sibling Phoenix but he’s too stubborn/insecure to get one himself.

If it was sunny out, she would still steal it. One of her other sibs is sun-sensitive and wouldn’t have thought of using an umbrella on a sunny day.

Also because she just likes stealing.

Question: When (and if ever, under what circumstances) would your character cook a meal for a stranger?


My character is a dick so he wouldn’t cook for anybody for any reason. He is the kind of person who would shake someone down and use the money to buy an instant meal and if he really really really likes you he would give you that and call it dinner. If he tolerates you, he will acknowledge by not making you scared or uncomfortable around him whilst he eats the instant meal.

Question: Under what circumstances would your character kill?


Lucien won’t kill someone under any circumstances if they lived an honorable life. Even if they are literally about to stab him, he won’t lay a finger on them if they had a good reason to. But, his concept of what counts as an honorable life is a bit messed up, so you can really never predict who he’s alright with killing and who he’s not.

Gwen kills anyone who gets in her way for long enough-- simple as that.

Q: If your character’s friend committed a crime (murder, grand theft, hard drugs…), would your character report them? If so, would there ever be a time when they wouldn’t?


It would seriously depend on the crime and the person, as to whether or not my Peter would report them. If they were a close friend of his, he’d most likely try to get to the bottom of why they committed the crime before considering reporting them, as he tends to assume the best of his friends and would be fairly certain they had some rational reason for having done what they did. Besides that, at the end of the day, he doesn’t trust the police force on a large scale.

Q: If your character found a baby in a basket on their front porch, what would be their first instinct?


“Who left this ugly sack of s*** here?”

Hazel Adler would eye the crying baby suspiciously and back away from the front door, closing it gently to avoid stirring up more howling. Then she would pace around in panic and Google up how to hold an infant without dropping it, along with advertisement prices for a baby she doesn’t know how to handle properly. Give it another hour, and she would finally pick up the baby from the porch and talk to them, negotiating with them to stop crying if she gave them $50 in cash. But she’ll try her best haha

Q: How would your character react to finding a dead body?


Sethral would immediately try to figure out how it died, who it was, whose side it might be on, and whether it was a natural death or a homicide (in no way hoping for the latter, so she can have more mysteries to solve…) Then she would surreptitiously rob it of anything valuable and head off to hunt down the killer.

Silversand would suffer an anxiety attack, then dissolve into a frantic mess thinking about the family of the person who died, who must be searching for and worrying about their loved one.

Q: Which of your characters would best survive if they were dropped in the middle of a jungle?


Faith. Even though she’s easily scared, she reads a lot of books and knows how to survive in a jungle. And she has a gun with a limited amount of bullets inside, so that’s good too!

Q: Which one of your character would realize that it was a dream first if they were living in a dream world where everything was the same as real life, only it was a dream, and they lived in that dream for 15 years,

Sorry that was so long.


Clue. Yes, that’s his name XD He’s a minor character in “Red, White, or In Between”, but the one with the most wits about him despite his quiet nature. He will quickly try to find a way out of the dream and then once out, he will quickly try to find out how he can get back on track while leading others.

Q: Which one of your characters would want to become a preschool teacher if they were given a choice of jobs?


Aster is good with kids. Narcissus would get really annoyed and probably neglect them. Hope would be so helpless since she has no idea how to take care of a child, and Faith would be happy to take care of them.

So Aster wouldn’t want to become a preschool teacher for life, but Faith probably would.

Q: Which character of yours would hate to travel to another completely foreign country and live there for the rest of their life?


Ren would, which is funny because he almost did.

Q: How much spice can your character tolerate?


Although a very soft-spoken girl, Kayla actually can handle spice very well. Her father used to cook really spicy food, so she grew up eating it.

Q: Would your character kill a person if they needed to?


Hehe, my book actually has a lot of characters that would easily kill a person. That’s because most of the characters in my book are actually quite awful. But, for the sake of keeping this short, I’d have to go with Allvaldr; he is what could be considered as, “evil in physical form” and has killed a significant amount of people: innocent people, people he hates, children, elderly, even his own servants from time to time. He feels no remorse and considers it a gift to be killed by him.

Which of your characters would most want/need a foot massage? And why?


Probably Cameron, she’s always on her feet, fixing cars and appliances so she needs a nice foot massage, especially since she never takes care of herself.

Q: Which of your Characters are most likely to die in a horror movie?


Faith. Definitely Faith. She’ll be dead before the movie even begins.

Q: Which one of your characters are most likely to survive and avalanche?


Ooo, that’s a hard one. Probably Carlos, due to sheer stubbornness and will to survive, but he also grew up in a desert climate, so I don’t know how long he would actually last.

Q: Would your character pick up a hitch-hiker?


Aster would. Because he likes helping people. Narcissus would drive past the person, then come back a few minutes later to pick them up. Faith would stare suspiciously at the person and drive past quickly, and Hope wouldn’t care.

Q: Which one of your characters would most likely survive Attack on Titan? If you don’t know what that is, please search it up before you answer.




Lol. Really?


Yo, I have a character named Aster too, that’s wild. She would totally be one to survive Attack on Titans, she’s a rebel fighter and after the peace talks, she eventually becomes one of the top teacher’s at Iden’s military academy, as well as a lead member of the royal guard.

Q: Which one of your characters would hate spicy food?