How well do you know your character? | Game


Z doesn’t like meeting people
Would your character go bungee jumping if they could do it for free?


Judith is a very active person and the kind who acts before she thinks, so she would definitely go.

What are the two most important thing to your character? And which one would they chose to protect which would lead to the destruction and ruin of the other?


Her family and her partner. She would protect her partner at the ruin of her family. Not because she loves him more.

What is your characters favourite movie?


The first Invaders from Mars movie.

What is something your character feels guilty about?


Always messing up and then others having to clean after her mess

What would they do if they saw someone being bullied?


Hunter would stop the bullies
For Z it would depend on the people
Does your character lie often?


Nah, not at all. She prefers the kick she gets when telling the truth.

What is your characters worst habit?


Z’s would be killing people
Scott’s would be his arrogance

What crime would your character commit knowing with 100% certainty that they could get away with it, no consequences whatsoever?


Murder. And he does.

Does your character wake up early, or late?


Both are morning risers
Does your character believe in God(ds)?


My character Sophie believes in the Celestials. To the witch community they’re abstract beings that maintain the balance between magic and nature.

Is you character motivated by reward or punishment? (eg. turning in a paper for extra credit vs turning it it in order to not lose points)


Z spent most of her life being punished, so nothing really motivates her anymore
Hunter is motivated by reward

Would your character jump of a building without ant safety equipment just to win a bet?


Yes. Because you never said how tall the building was.

Does your character enjoy a cold climate or a hot climate? (Both are year-round)


He lives in a state that is hot year round, so he’d pick that. He’s used to it.

Does your character like jokes and/or pranks?


Not really. Avery is more of a sarcasm kind of girl. That’s not to say that she’s not sneaky though.

What / who would your character dress as for Halloween?


Z and Hunter would dress as themselves

If your character could only read one book for an entire year, what would it be?


He would read the History of Goblin Science

What does you character like to do in their free time?


Lily spends her free time playing piano and reading really thick biographies.

Which one of your characters would get drunk and embarrass themselves at a party?


That would have to be Avery. Kat drinks like a trooper. Porter and Jules are both too in control to get drunk.

What type of dog would your character own. If you don’t know dogs a description will work a treat.


He’d be happy with any kind of dog. He ends up with a xolo.

Would your character use their talent/hobby to make some quick cash?