How well do you know your character? | Game


Not for cash. Her talents are not something that she uses lightly.

What charitable cause, if any, would your character sign up to?


Lily would probably sign up for a lot of charitable causes. I think the thing that would most draw her is something like helping out at a homeless shelter, or perhaps playing piano for nursing home residents.

How many books do you think your character would read in a year?


One, if he’s lucky. He likes reading but has too much going on to actually sit down and read.

Would any of your characters wear a hat during a very hot summer?


Sure. I can’t say that they wouldn’t. It’s not really a necessity in their lives, but if the occasion arose, maybe.

What was the last birthday wish that your character made?


To not have messed up at the dance recital, on her birthday, in front of Melanie Archer (her bully).

Would your character take care of their girlfriend on her period? What would he do for her?


Winston doesn’t have a girlfriend, but he definitely would. He’d probably cuddle with her, offer emotional support, and ask her if she wants anything. If she does, he’ll buy it for her, despite the fact that he doesn’t usually like spending money, considering he’s not earning any.

How often does your character ask for help/assistance?


Naww, Winston! :heart: Not very often. They all tend to know what each other needs, and as such they just help… even when it’s not necessarily wanted. They’re a pretty understanding, tight-knit group, their flaws are in other things.

What is your characters favourite movie / book / song?


I think one of Ravenna’s favorite movies is “The Godfather” (an opinion I too share). Winston and Griffin don’t really read or anything, but Griffin loves Spongebob with a burning passion. Draven’s favorite book series is probably the Hunger Games or something similar.

Who is your character’s emotional support, if they have any?


Violet’s would be her brother Nick. And his emotional support would be her too.

Would your character prefer waffles or pancakes?


Ravenna would prefer waffles any day. I think they all would prefer waffles actually…

Under what circumstance would your character betray their best friend?


At the beginning of my story, Ray would betray his best friend Colin if it was either him or Colin. He would do so with deep regret and a lot of mental berating though.

Near the end of my story though, Ray would only betray Colin if it was necessary to save a larger amount of people.

I’ll let someone else answer this question and ask a question because I’m kind of at a loss for coming up with one.


I can just add a question for you. :blush:

Suppose your character was in line to order food. They’re about the be the next one in line, but then someone out of nowhere cuts in front of them. What would your character do?


For Avery, it would depend on who the person is. Unless they were clearly unaware of what they had done (such as a mum with multiple children who looks like she’s seen better days), Avery would say, “Excuse me, the line is back there.” Then she’d wait for them to move their arse back. Otherwise, she’s already spoken loud enough that the teller has overheard, and they had better not serve the rude pig in front of her.

Does your character keep their friends close, and their enemies closer? Or, screw their enemies, they’ll deal with them as they need to?


Ray’s the kind of guy who runs away from his problems without ever looking back, so he keeps his enemies as far away as humanly possible. He always tries to escape from his enemies when he encounters them, so when he fights one, it’s almost always on the enemy’s terms.

If your character were volunteering at a soup kitchen or something, how would they enteract with the other volunteers?

Might be a weird question.


Griffin would chat with them and instantly make new friends, because he’s a social butterfly who loves meeting new people. Winston would ignore everyone (he wouldn’t be volunteering in the first place) and just do his job as needed. Draven would just mind his own business unless someone approached him. Ravenna wouldn’t be volunteering at all. She thinks she’s above that.

What line of ancestry does your character descend from? (Can be ethnicity, heritage, traditions, etc.)


Ooh. To answer this explicitly would completely spoil my story. Oh, but its such a good question. Avery doesn’t know a lot about her ancestry. A lot of this information, for many households, was lost a long time ago when the world collapsed. The world has become quite sterile as far as heritage and family tradition is concerned. It’s safe to say that uncovering Avery’s heritage will play a large part in the coming books.

I’m going to ask this question again, because it’s that good.

What line of ancestry does your character descend from? (Can be ethnicity, heritage, traditions, etc.


Lol, Ravenna has French and English blood and her ancestral lineage is very murky and unclear, because her surname is actually a variation of another original family name (like it branched off, usually for reasons such as a family member moving to a new country or wanted to alter their last name to differentiate themselves). So she knows about her ethnicity (the majority of it, at least), but her knowledge of where the ancestry descended from exactly is unclear. She wants to know though, even if her father refuses to tell her anything and finding the records would be hard if you don’t even know what family tree you’re looking for. Winston knows he has Scandinavian blood due to his surname, but that’s it. He knows nothing about the family and his ancestors or where they came from. He never had a good relationship with his family and therefore never asked or wondered about it. He’s not proud of who he is to wonder. Griffin knows a lot about his Scottish roots, which originated possibly from the Stewart clan (which also has royal origins, in which he likes to joke that he’s the long-lost Prince of Scotland).

If your character (or characters) could be described using one adjective, which one would it be?


Oh, another good question. Loving them today!

Avery - Persevering
Porter - Loyal
Kat - Mischievous
Jules - Calculative
JJ - Humble

Can I re-ask again? Ha Ha, Umm…

What is your characters biggest regret?


Elena: Varies depending on what part of the book are you on, but by the end, her biggest regret while dying is failing to overthrown the Authority, feels like she failed all her family and friends which are dead and thinks that her two friend who are still alive will be sent to a Labor Camp

Isabel: Regrets failing to protect her uncle or to do anything about the situation they live in

Claudio: While he doesnt show it, he regrets his and his family’s decition to collaborate with the Authority

Julia: Regrets not being there while her mother died (It was not her fault though, and there is nothing she could have done differently, but it happened)

What does your character love the most?



Avery loves loyalty the most. Not from anyone in particular, or any type of loyalty. She loves the feeling, and she holds the true connections that she has made above all else.

What does your character like to do on the weekend?