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(This takes the first part of the book is taken as reference)

As most teenagers, Elena likes to go out with her friends during Sixtin and Seventh (Saturday and Sunday for the New Calendar), usually gathering in a park , eating icecream, going to an Arcade or the cinema, etc. just typical things. Sometimes they also Party, but it’s not very common because it has to be early, last very little, or last all night thanks to curfew. Due to the Authority’s law declaring alcohol legal over the age of 16, Elena and Claudio sometimes also go to have fun at bars, making fun of Isabel which is only 15 as of Year 4
Ever since she joined the rebellion, she has also included secret rebel activities in her list. Ups, should have said that first xd

Beatriz, Daniel, Cristobal, Julia and others have different visions of a normal weekend, as they form part of the Young Loyalist League. They usually gather every Sixtin on the Official YLL HQ in Santiago and disscus the benevolence of the Authority and all the goodness it has bring to humanity (IE: Blah blah bullshit propaganda)

For most adults as of Year 4, including Isabel’s and Elena’s parents, a perfect weekend is just chilling at home and chat with friends, either in person or over the internet, and drink (Every form of media is propaganda, most people are bored of all the propaganda they hear on a daily basis, so a perfect weekend involves not watching propaganda TV or listening to propaganda music)

But, for Loyalist people, like Claudio’s or Beatriz’s Parents, the more propaganda the better. Usually a few drinks, going to Loyalist Meetings, and the like

Because they are Upper Class, Beatriz’s parents also have Upper Class parties during the weekends

As the book progresses, and the characters grow older, this, on a societal level, doesnt change much. Elena doesnt care that much about her weekends after she becomes one of the world’s most wanted criminals though

What does your character hate the most? (I’m not good asking original questions sorry)

(Sorry for the manifest too. But that question has direct relation to cultural structure of your world and mine is good at that hehe)


Ravenna hates not being in control. It makes her feel like she’s worth nothing and as an egotistical person, her pride is everything. Winston hates entitlement (which is only one of the reasons he hates Ravenna).

What would your character do during a rainy day?


Judith would play sports video games or read.

What would your character do if someone confessed to like them?


Considering she’s asexual, Violet wouldn’t like that person back. She’d just shake her head and say, “A horrible decision, really.”

Nick is the kinda guy who sees himself as an image of beauty and ‘the perfect boyfriend’. So if someone said they liked him, he’d probably just shrug and say “Who doesn’t?”

Also I just really wanted to answer @RavensOfOld 's question.
Both siblings love the rain and thunderstorms and drenching themselves in the rain. While Nick would just stand there staring at the sky, enjoying the feeling of rain on his skin, Violet would make it her life’s mission to jump in every puddle she finds.

Does your character have any hobbies? What are they?


The MC from my latest piece (a Star Wars fan fiction) builds droids in his spare time. He owns a little droid repair shop but doesn’t really need the money so it’s mostly hobby but it generates some extra credits for him too.

And now for my question: would your characters ever pick a fight in a bar?


Of course. It would go something like this:

Ray(Very drunk): Bumps into someone

Guy: Huh. You should watch where you’re going-

Ray(Very very drunk): Huh? What was that? What did that MINDLESS PIECE OF SHIT STANDING IN MY WAY JUST SAY TO ME!?

Guy: What did you just sa-

Ray(Faking shock): When did you go deaf you Gollum look-a-like?

Guy: Alright, you wanna go you little shit!?

Ray(Breaks bottom of beer bottle to use as a knife): Oh hell yeah!

Would your character do if they learned the world was going to end via asteroid in twelve hours?


Z would accept it and go out in style
So would Hunter
Scott and Cillian would lose their sh*t and pray that NASA could do something


What would your character do if they knew when they were going to die?


This depends on how old Erin is at the time of the event. Young Erin would likely panic and start dropping as much magic as she could to try averting whatever is happening. If any of her loved ones are in the path of disaster, she would prioritize saving them before herself.

Adult Erin has been infected with the pathogen that causes vampirism, so she’ll rise from the dead short of getting crushed into paste or immolated. As a result she would be significantly less panicked, probably more pissed off than anything. Her response would still be to drop magic and save as many loved ones as possible.

William, her maker, would sacrifice whoever he needed to to not die, up to and including Erin (William: shrug She’ll walk it off. Erin: You’re an asshole.). You don’t get to 1700 years old by being Mr. Rogers.

Is there anything your character refuses to eat and why?


Z hates the texture of olives

What would your character do in order to get 6 million dollars?


Erin- Come up with an exceedingly detailed reason she needs it and ask William. If that didn’t work, she’d probably ask his maker. She would then realize she doesn’t actually need all that money when his maker agrees so long as she performs a number of profane acts on him or in front of him.

William- Probably sell some of the art he salvaged in WWII

Joseph- Ask William and when he says no, part ways with some of his precious pre-prohibition stock of alcohol.

What physical feature would your character change, if any?


Z would get rid of her claw
Hunter wouldn’t change anything
Scott would fix his broken nose
Gillian would make himself even more muscled

Does your character believe in a God(s)?


Erin- not really
William- He believes that the Gods are likely otherworldly beings rather than truly divine. That being said, he was a druid dedicated to serving Taranis, and still has a chariot wheel tattooed on his left forearm.
Joseph- He’s a devoted Catholic

What one thing would they make illegal if they ruled the world for a day?


Ravenna would make P.E. and competitive sports illegal. She wouldn’t make recreational sports illegal, because she doesn’t mind that, but she hates jocks and anything that deals with physical activity.

Would your character support the death penalty? Why or why not?


William: Yes, and it is done with such unfortunate infrequency. In my day we’d exile criminals into wolf infested wilderness, decapitate them, draw and quarter them… rambles
Joseph: I mean yeah, but at the same time I almost got guillotined once because I was a pacifist, so I can appreciate being against it. Still, I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t. I am a vampire hunter after all.
Erin: Yes, but only for child molesters and murderers.

What is the most embarrassing thing your character has ever done.


Well, I know for Dolly, the most embarrassing thing for her would be when in the story she accidentally gets half of the protagonists drunk accidentally.

For Vragon, it was a mistake in observation in which he thought someone short was young, but turned out to be pretty old and got a sudden complex of “I’m blind to seeing”

Ciecro’s would probably be when they all are at a fire and Swift starts talking about Ciecro as a baby, and Dolly just gawks over it while his brother, Vragon, and Jasmine tease him about it.

Do your character have a certain place they want to be? (in story or just conceptual)


Z’s is Amsterdam with Max and Zach
Hunters is wherever Scott is not

What would your character do if they were framed for murder?


As an actual fugitive, Nick would do what he did best back in the '80s: escape from the authorities.

What is the worst thing your character would do for money?


William: make the children/grandchildren of war crime victims pay money for the return of their parents’ salvaged possessions.
Joseph: Ask William for money
Erin: Steal

If your character was a color, what color would they be?


Z would be black, like her soul
How would your character escape from prison?