How well do you know your character? | Game


Haha, that’s cool! Only the Aster in my story is a boy.

Aster hates spicy food. That was the first thing I put on his “Dislikes” list.

Q: Which character would most likely eat a live insect for a dare?


My goodness, I had a visual novel where I named one of my main male protagonist Aster too!

Rin, he looks so stoic, sweet, and composed, but he’s actually the most daring and jokey one in the entire group!

Q: With (all)your main protagonist(s)(side characters if you want to add more). What would they be doing in a party?


Z would be in the corner edgily
Hunter would be in a different corner
Scott would be getting drunk
Cillian would be hitting on any female he could see

Q: would your character walk on a tightrope between two buildings if he/she/they were offered a million dollars?


Aster and Narcissus wouldn’t (their already rich). Faith wouldn’t even stay to hear any of it.

Hope would do it.

Q: What would your characters do if someone blew up their million dollar car?


Z would murder them on the spot
Hunter would track them down and have them locked away forever

Q: what would your character do if they lost their wallet?


Aster and Narcissus would shrug it off. (Billions more at home!)

Faith and Hope would absolutely freak out and track the wallet down.

Q: Which character is most likely to die first in the Titanic?


Scott, cos both Z and Hunter would throw him overload and steel the lifeboat themselves
Q: would your character sacrifice themselves for their siblings/parents?


Yes and no,
Cameron would never risk her life for her Father, he’s a loser, she doesn’t have a Mom anymore but seeing as how her best friend Kayla is basically a sister to her she would definitely risk her life for Kayla.
Kayla would, however risk her life for her Mother, no matter how horrible she is to Kayla. She would also of course risk her life for Cameron.

Q: Which of your characters is most likely to become a celebrity?


Rowan Heart, she is a people person and beloved by anyone she meets.

Q: Which of your characters would be a huge prankster?


Neal Otpal. He loves manipulating people and has a new shenanigan every day

Q : Which of your character is most likely to be depressed?


Both Hunter and Z have depression, but Z’s is far more serious
Q: which one of your characters would be more likely to kill another one of your characters and why?


Vara because her boyfriend told her too. She’ll do anything to please him.

Which of your characters would most likely have a secret journal/diary?


Probably Cillian
Q: which one of your characters would win a burger eating contest against your other characters?


Thomas. He loves food.

Which character wouldn’t eat for days?


Z, no contest
Q: which of your characters would jump into a pool naked in front of random strangers?


Oh that’s tough. Probably Beatrice, because she doesn’t realize that something bad could happen.

Which character is the most innocent?


None of them, they all know the nitty gritty shit of life
Q: which one of your characters swears the most


Alex. He swears way too much?

Which character is the least observant?


Q: which one of your characters could not survive without social media?


neither, none of them have social media.

q: which one of your characters spends the most time just sitting and thinking about life?