How well do you know your character? | Game


Rin. He’s always about being quiet and observant. Maybe not so much of the thinking, that’s mainly Dmitri’s thing.

Q: Who’s the most narcissistic character in your story?


Blithe. She’s so used to being the center of attention that she doesn’t even realize it when she’s being selfish and narcissistic.

Q: who’s the calmest under pressure?


I think Aster is the calmest under pressure. He becomes really psychopath-like, unlike when there is no pressure.

Everyone else would either get really excited, anxious, or all out start freaking out.

Q: Which of your characters are most likely to survive a crossfire in a war?


Alex. He never seems to die, even in situations where he should. He survived yellow fever.

Which character is the most mentally insane?


Hmm…among the main characters, I’d say Hope. She gets really excited when she starts killing people. That counts as insanity, right?

Which character is most likely to win a pie-eating contest?


Thomas. He loves food.

Which character would be the one to burn down a building on purpose?


Aster. He’s the one with the flame techniques.

Which character would most likely die in a natural disaster?


Vara or Alex. Vara would run straight into a fire. Alex would freeze up in the middle of hurricane because of the previous one he’s been it and drown.

Which character is the most secretive?


By far Z, closely followed by Scott
Q: which one of your characters would be highest on an FBI. (Or similar agency’s) most wanted list


Margaret. She’s a serial killer with an already existing record for assault, violent tendencies and theft. And maybe Emy, even if she is an unwilling accomplice.

Which character would most likely cheat on their spouse?


Q: which character would most likely eat food from a garbage can?


Alex. He’s really poor.

Which character is the richest?


Q: which one of your characters would be most likely to win a Nobel Prize?


Adara or Alex. Probably Alex.

Which character is the most fabulous?


Connor is gayer than gay and would 100% be fabulous af… If he had the drive and energy. As it is, he usually just throws on whatever shirt is laying on the floor closest that doesn’t smell like a middle school locker room.

Q: If your character could bring anyone back from the dead - real or fictional - who would they bring back and what would they do with them?


She wouldn’t do anyone personally, but she would hope her best friend would bring her back after she dies from her birth defect.

Is your character genderqueer in any way?


No; actually, none of my characters are-- but I want to change that at some point. I just don’t know how to make it fit in the world they live in.

Does your character hate anything about their body?


Connor has dealt with anorexia in the past - So he doesn’t like his stomach. A car crash tore him up pretty bad too and he’s pretty wary of showing off the scars.

Q: Does your character have a hobby?


Corinne has quite a few few hobbies. She enjoys painting and has covered the ceiling of her bedroom with stars. She often goes on early morning bike rides to a near by forest to go hiking. And finally she enjoys more adventurous activities such as zip lining, roller coasters, ropes courses, or any activity involving heights.

Which of your characters is most prone to existential crisises?


Carter obviously. After the death of at least three people his mental state is not that well anymore.

What would your character do if their partner had killed someone?