How well do you know your character? | Game


Z wouldn’t care, she’s a killing machine herself, but she would congratulate him for finally growing a pair
Hunter would have a total freak out
Q: would your character willingly rob a bank!?


Aster and Narcissus wouldn’t care and won’t go.

Hope won’t even talk to you again after you ask her that.


Q: Which one of your characters would most likely be the survivor in the Hunger Games?


Z, no context, the massacre everyone else within 2 minutes
Does your character play music?


Aster is really good at piano, Narcissus refuses to touch music. Unless it’s digital.

Faith and Hope don’t have enough money to.

Does your character have a favorite type of chocolate?


Huh, good question. My story takes place on a different world, but I’m going to say they still have chocolates in different varieties. Avery (MC) would like chocolate dipped fruit the best, probably in dark chocolate. Carlos (love interest) would like milk chocolate, but Vihane (love interest/antagonist) would like coffee beans dipped in dark chocolate.

Q: What type of book does your character like reading?


He likes Stephen King books. That’s all he really reads.

Question: How would you character react to learning one of their family members is a hoarder?


By thinking that it’s really dangerous and not visiting.

Would your character ever become a vegetarian or vegan?


Well, they’re mostly Werewolves… So probably not.

Which one of your characters would die first in a horror movie???


Which one of your characters would be most likely to join the army?


Ooo, so in their world? (sorry, fantasy) Definitely not Carlos, at least not the government sanctioned army, and he wasn’t a big fan of the rebellion. Probably Penelope? Maybe Aster later?

Q: What is your character’s coffee order?


Violet would just take a hot chocolate (she has super-speed, so she’s not allowed) and Nick would go for a simple cafe latte

Q: What would your character do if they met you and actually somehow knew you created them?


Z would kill me there and then
Jay would be confused as fuck
Q: how would your character react if they won 3 million euros/dollars/another form of currency?


Aster and Narcissus would be like: “More money? Let’s donate it!” (They’re rich).
Faith and Hope: “OMG. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS??? wHat HaS hAPpENed??” (They’re poor)

Q: Which one of your characters would most likely die first in Sword Art Online? (It’s an anime, search it up if you must)


I don’t know the anime but I’m answering on what I understood from Wikipedia.

I think Nick would probably be the first one to die, considering how impulsive he can get. The last one of my OC’s to die would be Remy. She’s only eleven but she’s already into engineering and she’s practically known for fooling around and messing with people and managing to escape every time.

Q: What type of music does your character listen to?


He’ll try to listen to anything, so he can appeal to wider groups of people. That’s very important to him. But, personally, he really likes any music with that sci fi movie sound effect thing going on.

How would your character feel about attending therapy?


Violet would hate therapy. In her mind, therapy is for when you’re damaged. She hates thinking of herself as weak. She hates it when people pity her for her past. She tries to keep telling herself she’s the bravest person in the world, but that’s part of what destroys her emotional side of being human.

Q: What are your character’s main motives? What gets them out of bed in the morning?


Z: the quest for vengeance
Jay: his job
Q: who would your character murder if they knew they could get away with it


He’d murder Manny. And at the end he does. lol

Q: How does your character feel about people gendering objects like clothes and toys? [this is a boy’s toy. Oh, that’s only for girls!]


A: Aebbé will not like it at all. If her father taught her how to use a sword, why would it be a man’s weapon? Laelia will agree wholeheartedly.

Queen Aylissa however has a very clear definition of which clothes are feminine, and which objects belong to men and should not be touched by women at all.

Q: What would be your character’s justification for a complete betrayal of trust of another character?


Max wouldn’t even bother giving one. She literally hates everyone and everything.
Nick would give the worst one, like “Cause I don’t like you???”
Violet wouldn’t do it on purpose and she would speak the truth.

Which one of these would your characters fall into?