How well do you know your character? | Game


honestly, Cleo would be blue

Q : if your character could say one curse word for the rest of their life, which one??


shitfuckgoddamnit!” Hazel shrieks at every minor inconvenience.

Q: How would your character react when they are caught in the middle of an armed robbery at a bank?


Z wouldn’t care, she’d fight her way out
Hunter would take the fall then get use his government contacts and get released
Cillian would protest and blame it on Hunter saying he was framed
Scott would use his credentials to weasel out of it and make the people who caught him look really bad

Q: how would your character react to winning free meals for life at their favourite food place?


Kari would be ecstatic! The only thing that he cares about other than giving his throne away, is food. He would have to fight Rorith for the food though, because Rorith would probably steal all his food.

Q: If your character could resurrect one dead person (either real or fictional), who would they resurrect?


(tag yourself I’m Rorith)
(Warning: spoilers for The Death Cure)
Violet would resurrect Newt from her favourite book series. Yeah, she kinda had a mental breakdown at that part.

Q: If your character met themselves from an alternate dimension, genderbent, what kind of shit would go down?


A. Talia would probably deny the possibility, then deny that she is anything like him (moody, hostile, accident-prone). Chances are, her double would act something of the same.

Q. Does your character change over the course of the book (emotional/mental mindset change), how and why?


Answer: My two "MC"s probably switched perspectives. Ariel turned from a teen going through “that phase” into a mature young man who realizes how much his mother really matters. Unfortunately, that’s around the time Ein stops being a doting mother and realizes that she’s already done everything she could as a mom and has to leave her child to his own life now. This is High Fantasy, so of course I have to make them never see each other again.

Question: If your character were in possession of an item that Person A wants, and Person A has an infinite amount of money, how much would you character sell it for? Answer in your world's currency but pls convert to IRL money values :pray:


If Z wanted the item, she’d just steal it and murder the original owner
Q: would your character do anything to win a bet?


Lyra is unlikely to make a bet in the first place, but if she did, cheating’s not in her nature.

Q. Would your character kill somebody else’s child to save their own?


He probably would plan to do it but couldn’t at the end because he’s too soft-hearted.

Question: What’s your character’s greatest fear?


Ashia’s greatest fear is a lack of control.

Q: What’s your character’s most embarrassing memory?


Violets most embarrassing memory is when she was a toddler and she had a farting contest with her brother. Nick (her brother), being older and hence smarter, would secretly make noises with his mouth rather than his butt and three years later, when she found out that’s what actually happened, she got real pissed at him.

Q: what would your characte4 call their significant other, “shit stain” or “my love”?


My character would just call him by his name or a shortened version thereof - Khairrim or Khai.

Q: Would your character be a cat or dog person, or rather opt for “let’s kill the animals in ritual sacrifice”?


Elena has always been a cat person, this is actually a quirck in her character

Q: Would your character be willing to kill someone if it suits their objetives?



You forgot the question.




Violet, no. She’s seen enough death in her life already. Icarus would be more than glad to though.

Q: You character’s favourite ice cream flavour?


Z has no taste buds, so any of them will do
Q: would your character do a mud run?
(Look up the Killary one, it’s amazing)


Holt would never in a million years do a mud run. He hates the outdoors and getting dirty.

Q: Would your character ever learn to play an instrument?


Avery loves to dance, so she’d probably let someone else do the playing :slight_smile:

Q: What does your character eat for breakfast?