How well do you know your character? | Game


Holt likes to eat something small for breakfast, like fruit or something. Linden, however, has horrible eating habits and has and will eat Nutella and three crackers for breakfast.

Q: Would your character rather be apart of the underground mafia or a corrupted government/royal family?


Jade would much rather be apart of the underground mafia. Her family has past reputations of becoming corrupted/ supporting corrupt powers. Even if the mafia doesn’t have one of the cleanest reps out there, she would still have the opportunity to think for herself and help those who do not have power for themselves.

Q: Would your character rather contribute to science no matter the consequences or forfeit the knowledge that would be gained from science in order to save lives?


Both Linden and Holt would rather forfeit the knowledge that would be gained from science in order to save lives. They’re both quite shxt at science, so even if they had it, they’d have no clue what to do with it.

Q: Would your character rather eat just the cookie part of the Oreo or just the creme part of the Oreo?


James hates sweet things, so he would probably just eat the creme part in the middle and throw the rest at someone else.

Would your character sail the ocean or fly in the sky?


Fly in the sky. Because that’s way faster considering they’re not floating.

WYCR live on the sun but not be able to burn or live on the moon and not be able to freeze? And yes, they don’t need air.


The moon because in his world, it’s in the very very early stages of colonization.

How far would your character go for someone they love? (Whether it’s a physical distance like traveling half-way around the world or a, I’m drawing a blank on the word, but as in doing something they’d never otherwise do.)



WYCR live with their parents for the rest of their lives or never see their parents ever again?


Linden would rather live with his parents for the rest of his life, whereas Holt would rather never see his parents ever again.

WYCR find true love a bunch of money?


Violet: (laughs in asexual) gimme the moneh

WYCR rather stub their toe to a door or step on a lego?


Step on a lego. Because I don’t know why, it sounds less uncomfortable for some reason?

WYCR fall from the sky or rise from the bottom of the sea? Without dying.


Violet would want to rise from the sea. Idk, it just sounds like a Violet thing to do. Icarus though, they fell from the sky in the story itself. Hence the name.

What is your character’s favourite sport? Would they play brains, brawn or speed?


Juliette’s favorite sport is any kind of athletic activity that allows her to show off her resourceful mind and quick problem solving abilities- climbing, physically fighting, hide and seek, fencing, wilderness expeditions, etc. She definitely focuses on playing brains first; brawn and speed are helpful, but she relies on her processing speed more than her physical speed :slight_smile: Who in your story, or what quality in another person, makes your character feel insecure?


For both Linden and Holt, anyone who belittles them in anyway makes them feel insecure, whether its beliefs or interests. Dealing with sexuality also makes Holt feel insecure, unsure, and fearful. For other people, Linden feels insecure when people are constantly in and out of his life or only talk to him when they need something or make it sound like a chore.

What’s your character’s biggest fear?


For my main character, James, it would be to lose his friends around him. After strengthening ties with them for so long under such a stressful crisis, losing them would break him.

Which character would take the last cookie from a plate, knowing someone else didn’t get one?


Cat would take it to try to start trouble and Manuel would take it because he simply wanted another one.

What’s the dumbest thing that’s made your character cry?


A commercial for an insurance company about a man who helps people around him.

Does your character have a favourite word? Something they think is fun to say?


Violet loves the word “heckin’”. She uses it a lot

Does your character like a specific book series? Which one?


Serenity loves all books on herbs and fairies. Her favorite book series would be called, “The Wee Folk and Their Medicines.” If she had real world story series, she would be into “Lord of the Rings.”
Would your character sing in public?


Jay would definitely sing in public, but Anvika won’t. She would much rather dance.

When would your character cry in public?


Arya would allow herself in public.

Would your character ever want to explore space?