How well do you know your character? | Game


Even if there was a 100% chance of death by space, Violet would take it in an instant. She doesn’t care. She is the biggest space fanatic you will ever find.

Do you think your character would be willing to sacrifice another loves one for the life of, say, a hundred civilians?


No. Anvika had lost too many lives ones in her life to do that.

What will your character do if they saw a murder right inferring if their eyes?


For Vita, if it was committed against an innocent she would fly into a rage and kill the murderer.

What’s your character’s treasured childhood memory?


Meeting Charan for the first time, and shortening time together, they both and their parents.

How would you character react if they found it their spouse or bf/gf was cheating on them.


Both Linden and Holt would obviously pretty shocked, hurt and upset, but would ultimately blame themselves for it - after all, there was a reason they cheated and there was someway they could’ve prevented it; they could’ve been better; it’s their fault for it.

Does your character play any sports?


Remy does. She plays an Indian contact team sport called kabaddi. She’s one of the best raiders on the team.

What is the one thing your character can’t live without? What’s most important to them?


[I’ve never heard of kabaddi before but I looked it up and watched a video on it it and seems really cool, I’m not a huge sports person but I want to play now haha]

For Linden, it’s music. It has every meaning imaginable to him, and it’s very safe to say he wouldn’t be able to get through the day without it.

What’s one thing your character doesn’t believe in?


That family will always be there for you.

Is your character an organ donor?


Maybe to the black market.

Is your character any good at academics?


Linden gets decent grades, but doesn’t exactly excel at anything. His strong suits are music and phys ed.

Does your character have any nicknames?


Roy does not. It’s kind of hard to when your name is so short.

Does your character like theme parks?


[@dieukyungsoo I know, it’s one of my favourites. It’s like tag, wrestling and American football all in one sport. I’m a raider myself =) You should try it]

Remy would die for theme parks.
Icarus finds them a bit absurd. The extraterrestrial usually has a hard time understanding life on earth.

Does your character believe in the concept of God?


Everyone knew Dmitri as the spawn of the devil because he’s able to use magic, so indeed, he does know “the One”(aka God in the story). He’s also closely connected to him in some way.

Does your character have something that they are always tempted to do?


[@blerghblahblah it kind of reminds me of rugby in a way?? Like essence of the game I guess??]


Linden is always tempted to do something that could ultimately kill him. It’s hard to explain, but in French we call it « l’appel du vide », which literally means “the call of the void”.

Does your character speak any other languages or wish they spoke another? If so, which ones?


He speaks English and Spanish. He’s learning Korean with a friend.

Does your character drink enough water?


Probably not.

If your character could change one thing about theirself, what would it be?


Zephyr would probably like to be… hmm… less serious all the time. He’s got a girlfriend now (Alkina) so that helps a bit, but still.

What does your character brag the most about, and why?


Scott likes to brag about how amazing he is, as does Cillian
What is the one thing your character would save form their house if it was on fire?


He doesn’t think anything but his family members are worth grabbing.

Where does your character see themselves in ten years?