How well do you know your character? | Game


Z doesn’t think she’ll even be alive in 10 years
Scott sees himself as president
Hunter sees himself doing the same as he does now

Does your character value friends over family or vice-versa?


Violet would hate that she’d have to choose. Riley is a friend, but he’s been no less than family to her. Same goes for Peter. But if she was forced to pick, I think she’d go for family. Her brother and her mother are way too important to her.

Any small habit that your character might have that they do quite often? Like biting their nails or lip, tapping their feet, stuff like that?


Ethan always bits his lips, that’s why they often bleed. He also touches a little metal earring when he jitters or blushes. Anyway it doesn’t help him to relax. He tucks his hair under ears and his mates laugh at the female gesture.

Question: does your character follow some confession or teachings, what and why?


Avery lives in a country with a strong state-religion, so the religious teachings influences her in general, but the character who follows the religion the strongest is actually a minor character named Dr. Alvarez (father to Love Interest). He took a physicians oath to a god of healing, which he takes very seriously.

What is your character’s favorite smell?


Leo is a complete pluviophile, which means he loves the smell of rain, despite not making it known. He refers to the smell by its proper word, petrichor.

What is your character’s guilty pleasure?


Watching the RENT movie for the nth time, even though he could preform the entire thing himself and claims he likes the stage version better than the movie. And chocolate ice cream, even though Linden is lactose intolerant.

If your character was to be in an IRL TV show, what show would they be in?


Lorenz would invite himself into either the Flash, or the Avengers’ latest movie and test out his destruction powers against the heroes.

If your character was to sign up for the school play, which role would they take?


Depende del tema de la obra, si es una historia muy romántica estoy casi segura que no participa. Pero si es de otro tema seria la villana de la obra.

Si tu personaje pudiera viajar al espacio ¿Que planeta visitaria


[@PreciousNinja who would win?? Lorenz vs Thanos aka the ultimate showdown haha]


If Linden could travel to space, he would travel to Mars and revive Oppy. // Si el viajar al espacio, el iria Marte resucitar Oppy.

What’s the further your character has travelled away from home? // ¿Que es el mas lejos tu personaje usado lejos de casa? (Arrepentido, mi espanol ser no bueno haha)


My character Peitho, as she has been from Olympus to the underworld and multiple places on earth which are all very far apart.

What’s the most sinful thing your character has ever done?


Murdered his family, I’d say.

How much would your character pay to save a friend/family member? (What’s the other character’s worth, or dollar amount, in your character’s eyes?)


My characters are all high school students, so they’re pretty much flat broke. Linden would be willing to give away his vinyl collection and all his swim medals if he actually cared for the person. Holt is one of the only characters with some actual money, and if his friend were in danger he’d be willing to give it all away, but would barter for about half price. Matteo has nothing of significant monetary value besides his PlayStation, a few shirts, and a few pair of shoes. He would trade someone he didn’t like as much out, though.

What’s a bad habit your character has?


Is the compulsive urge to rape children count as a bad habit, cause my character has that.

What’s your characters favorite hobby?


Linden likes to swim, and he does so competitively.

What’s your character’s favourite colour?


If you couldn’t tell by the walls in Violet’s room, her speed suit, her seven similar-coloured shirts and her fetish for blue frostips, its blue.

What do you think your character might do if they were stuck in an elevator with their worst enemy?


Depends on how long. First, Linden would try and get along - small talk, fake interest in them - and then end up ignoring them. If they continue to pester and annoy him, he’d probably “explode” (which, for Linden, doesn’t mean much), and he’d never admit it, but he’d probably cry, too. If he had earphone on him (which he always does) he’d tune them out and pretend they don’t exist for the most part.

Has your character ever kissed anyone?


La verdad no. Para Sarah los chicos no son tema de conversación.

Si tu personaje pudiera tener un Super poder ¿Cual seria?


Avery already does have superpowers (well almost super), she doesn’t really like this / hasn’t embraced them yet. If she had to add one / embrace one it would definitely be the ability to heal others.

What would your character do / say if they were expected to fire their best friend who is struggling to raise a child as a single parent?


Violet would honestly spit on their faces and tell them to fuck off. So would Nick. The two siblings grew up mostly without their mother, and an abusive father, so they have had a bad parent experience themselves. Two bad ones, in fact. They both would in fact give them a pay raise.

Does your character believe in alien life?