How well do you know your character? | Game


Not really, Daniel doesn’t believe in things that he can’t see.

What is your character’s best trait?


For Linden, his loyalty. Despite his friends putting him through the wringer, he’s always there for them. This also goes for Matteo, but Matteo’s loyalty is a little more selective - Linden is loyal to anyone who shows the slightest interest in him, whereas Matteo is really only loyal to those he knows well and trusts tremendously. Holt’s would be that he’s able to know what’s working for him and what’s not, and know when it’s time to move on from something, even if it means leaving behind really important aspects of himself.

Does your character play any musical instruments?


Nope. He doesn’t have time to practice so he doesn’t bother trying.

Does your character speak without thinking?


Porsupuesto que si, Sarah no tiene pelos en la lengua, y muchas veces por decir las cosas sin pensar ha tenido en muchos problemas.

¿A tu personaje le da miedo el futuro?


In short, Yes. She has no idea what her immediate future is, or what her long term future holds. It’s scary to not have direction. . . and to have people wanting to both kidnap and kill you.

What is your characters favourite song?


Emily’s is probably ‘Bury a Friend’ by Billie Eilish, she finds that she relates to it more than she had thought at the first listen.

Is your character aware of the fourth wall?


Fourth Wall? :thinking:

What is your characters least favourite food?


I mean…I’m pretty sure grasshoppers aren’t very appetizing.

Is your character capable of mass homicide?


Certainly. And she will.

Would your character make a good actor / actress?


Z could, but she wouldn’t want to

Does your character like their hair?


Yes and no. It’s a little too long, but she’s scared of getting a haircut for some reasons.

Q: Does your character like the place/home they live right now?


Absolutely. Agnes is a homebody to the core, and she wouldn’t give up her home for the world.

Does your character do really reckless things when they’re upset?


Oh Rowyn does reckless things pretty often in her every day life. I suspect this is a part of her that will never change, no matter how much she grows as a person.

Would your character rather lie about something small or tell a big painful truth?


Violet would tell a lie without even thinking. It’s in her nature. But if she had to tell a lie to protect herself but land someone she loves into too much trouble, she’d rather say the truth.

Does your (human) character believe in extraterrestrial life?


(Brilliant username btw!)
Z does and so does Hunter. Scott and Cillian don’t

Does your character like to speak in public?


Darxy gets nervous at merely the idea of speaking in public, having almost failed Speech class.

Does your characters dislike their name?


Hunter likes his, Z hates hers as it is just a tag given to her by the government

Does your character have any phobias?


Ariel has trypophobia (fear of holes/irregular patterns with holes).

Is your character an inside or and outside person?


Outside, both of them
Does your character like art?


He appreciates it and the time it took.

What is your character’s favorite part of meeting someone new?