How would you describe the sound of this flute?

So I have a character that will like playing an instrument, and I’ve chosen a flute. However I really don’t know how to describe the sounds it makes, other then being a string of whistles. Any help would be appreciated.

I found a video of the type of sound I’m going after.

The sweet but sharp song of the flute blew through the forest setting his hairs on ends as he turned to face his opponent

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This gave me a couple ideas, of what I could write. I feel like I got something pretty good, however, I’m not sure if it really comes across, sounding like a flute.Tying it into my particular scene I’ve got this so far.

Behind me, the melody that had filled the air moments ago fell quiet, the tranquilly it brought had moved the wind itself with its beauty of sharp whistles and ever changing tones. Even the trees wept their leaves, as they blew around the mountain top.

I wanted to avoid actually saying it was a flute, since I wanted that to be revealed when I show the character herself.


Wow, this will be a big help, thanks.


There were moments of melodic clarity that pulled at me, floating like a sensual smile. Then the pipe would shriek near the limits of my ears, causing thoughts to revolt and beg for a return to the original melody. Pushing and pulling like the lull between waves.

Geez that thing has some high 'e’s in it. Then it just sucks down to a random a or a flat… I think a flat.

Starts sharp then became flat would be the easiest way and use terms like that