How would your character react?


The object of the game is simple. Someone post the question that begins with “How would your character react?” and the person below answer it then does their own. A shortened version would be HWYCR.


Person A: How would your character react if their parents died?

Person B: Alana wouldn’t care for she never liked her parents to begin with.

How would your character react if a child kicked a kitten?

And so on and so forth.

My Turn: How would your character react if their parent started a war with a neighboring country?


Nigel Carruthers would take his Webley out of the oil clothe, strap on a cutlass, and head to the battle front to wreak some havoc.

How would your character react if their housemate ate the last of the character’s favorite breakfast cereal without going shopping to replace it?


Demetrius Lionheart would be pissed and probably punch the guy in the face.

How would your character react if they knew they only had twenty-four hours to live?


My character would first make sure their company is taken care of and in good hands (she’s the CEO) and then she would go and spend the rest of the time with her family.

How would your character react if they got a puppy?


Demetrius isn’t into animals like his younger sister. So, he would probably give it to his sister.

How would your character react if people judge them for something they could not control?


Depends who the people are and if this was the ‘old’ or ‘new’ Vito.
‘Old’ Vito would care is his brothers and mother thought bad of him. Besides them, he doesn’t care about people judging him for doing something he couldn’t control.
‘New’ Vito doesn’t care what anyone thinks of his actions.

How would your character react if he/she found a dead body of a loved one?


Demetrius would be crushed if he found his sister’s dead body. He wouldn’t be able to cope and turn into a much crueler person.

How would your character react if someone they dislike fell down the stairs?


I think Ravenna’s reaction would vary on the injury. If he just fell off and hurt himself a bit, she’d likely find it amusing and laugh. If it was enough to send him to the hospital, I think that even as cruel as Ravenna is, she’d think twice about being happy about something that awful.

How would your character react if their best friend defended their opponent in an argument/debate?


Demetrius don’t have many friends and if he did he would be a little hurt but get over it quickly. He isn’t a friendly person.

How would your character react on being told that their parents who they never knew were highly infamous criminals?


Helena’s parents were infamous criminals and she was brought up around criminals. She’d just shrug it off and add it to her list of reasons as to why she was so weird.

HWYCR if their enemy confessed to loving them?


The question is kinda funny, considering Ravenna’s future love interest was someone she once hated. But if she still disliked him, she’d probably laugh it off and dismiss it as a joke.

HWYCR if the person they loved the most had them tied to a chair with a gun pointed to their head?


Demetrius would be most upset and heartbroken.

HYWCR if their child from the future came to meet them?


Nigel Carruthers would feel nostalgic.

How would your character react if their family home was sold to strangers.?


Elizabeth really isn’t that family-orientated. She grew up without one. However, if it was her family home she would probably purchase it back from the strangers and get an eviction notice so they were required to leave it. Then take them to court for the drama and headache they caused her.

HWYCR if they had to choose between saving their best friend or saving the love of their life?




Demetrius would save the love of his life. He has no use for friends.

How would your character react if they met an alien from outer space?


For Winston… crap… I’d say his best friend, Cain, just because he literally saved his life and he wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for him. He owes Cain the world. His lover came after knowing his best friend. I think he’d honestly rather kill himself than to choose between them though…

HWYCR if they had to sacrifice their pet to save a stranger’s life?


Lucian would likely save the love of his life. He’s not the type to make connections easily (not so much personality as it is an actual antisocial disorder lol) so if he ends up loving someone, he’s going to protect them. Plus he’s super manipulative so he can totally use this in the future. (Besides he doesn’t have friends, they disappoint him)

HWYCR if a genie offered them three wishes?


Ravenna would just be plain confused.


Anastasia would probably be bouncing all over the place in excitment, she has a slight issue with ADHD. In all honesty she would probably wish for something stupid like an unlimeted supply or candy or the worlds biggest ice cream cone that doesn’t melt. Or hair that changes color, I could see her wishing for that.

HWYCR if they could only eat sweets for the rest of their life?