How would your character react?


Zee will be shocked and self-blame herself, she’s been going through shit for half of her life.

HWYCR if they went to a magical world and would never return back home?


Iggy would try to figure out a way to communicate with her world while making sense and orienting herself to her present world.

HWYCR to waking up in a building on fire?


Ravenna would freak out and look for the nearest exit. She’d think it was karma, maybe set up on purpose, because she set a building on fire once and got away with it.

HWYCR if the person they loved (any loved one, like family, lovers, close friends) suddenly shut down their relationship and got rid of all possible contact?


Sylph would probably not react outwardly, but his mental state would definitely be betrayed by the music he’ll be listening to three months afterwards.

HWYCR to failing a major test that determines their future?


Ravenna would freak out, something she usually doesn’t do. Her future means the world to her and if she failed a test that would help determine it, it would destroy her mentally.

HWYCR their parents (or any loved one) expressed their disappointment of your character?


Vantelieth’s adoptive mother was basically her whole world in her youth, and it’s her final words that often help her pull through stressful situations. Supposing Vantelieth’s adoptive mother came back to life and expressed disappointment in the woman she grew up to be, that would nearly drive her to the point of suicide. Only by remembering the friends that still have faith in her would she be able to move on with her life and probably distance herself from her mother from that point onward.

HWYCR if they walked into their room and discovered that their grandparent had arranged a senior party there?


Ignatius would just raise her hands in surrender, “casually” back the f*ck out of there and bolt.

HWYCR if they woke up without their memories?


Ravenna’s personality can potentiall change a bit if she has lost all memory of who she is. She may even freak out and wonder where the heck she is.

HWYCR if they woke up with their crush in their bed?


Dante would be confused, because how did they get here? But he’d also be cool with it.

HWYCR to someone serenading them with music?


Ravenna would get annoyed with it and would intimidate the person without raising her voice. Oftentimes, the calmess is more effective than yelling and losing her cool, which is something she doesn’t want to do.

HWYCR to finding a huge treasure chest in their bedroom closet?


That would trigger Vantelieth’s PTSD. She’d stay the hell away from it and ask her family where it came from and why it’s there.

HWYCR if they woke up to find that they had been buried alive with only one of their most valued possessions in hand?


Coming from the fact that Ceves would be able to summon Kingslayer to teleport him and his mother’s engagement ring out of the coffin and to whoever buried him alive.

HWYCR if they survived a horrific car crash?


Nigel Carruthers was shot down over the channel six times during the war and ditched his badly damaged Spitfire twice more over land. If he was in a car crash of any kind, he’d likely dust himself off and wonder how he’d get to his destination.

HWYCR if s/he realized s/he had been poisoned?


If it’s killing her, then she’d seek medical attention immediately. If it’s a minor, non-life threatening thing, then the first thing that would pop into her mind was: who did this ? Then, after finding a way to treat the minor sickness, she’d elaborately plan a revenge.

HWYCR if the last page of a book they were really enjoying was ripped out?


Vantelieth would discard the book and pray that there’s another copy available for purchase. Money thankfully isn’t too much of an issue for her.

HWYCR if their stepparent was flirting with them?


Ravenna doesn’t have a stepparent as her parents are still dutifully married, but if that did happen, it would be a bit disturbing. But if the stepparent is young and attractive, I don’t think she’d mind much. The only issue she’d have is that the stepparent is married to her mother and purposely flirting with her.

HWYCR if their desired college rejected them?


Kai Fen would be devastated, but he’d show it through anger. He’d call the college repeatedly, demanding to know exactly why he was rejected. He’d also probably go there in person and demand to know why he wasn’t accepted.

HWYRC if they got caught in the middle of a riot?


She’d try to find out what the riot was about and hopefully wiggle her way out before violence completely takes over the streets.

HWYCR if they received a wedding invitation from their ex to his/her wedding?


Vantelieth would snicker at the invitation and turn it down, perceiving it as an attempt to spite her. She’d probably converse with her ex the day after the wedding, remaining as passive as possible about her annoyance.

HWYCR if their lover confessed to being obsessed with BDSM?


Connie would probably leave if it’s really weird or join if it really spice up their sex life.

HWYCR if they saw the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie?