How would your character react?


He’d like it. That would be it.

HWYCR to finding a bloody knife in their bedroom?


Connie would probably think that she must have fighting off some creeps or kill someone without knowing.

HWYCR if their friends sent them off to a matchmaker?


He’d be insulted. He not only has a girlfriend, who he loves dearly, but would no problem getting a new one if they ever broke up. If he would want a new one is another thing altogether.

HWYCR if their emotions suddenly started effecting the weather?


Connie will probably use that in her concert and literally rock it.

HWYCR if they saw the future?


His future or just like the general future? If it’s his future, he’d be somewhat relieved to see that things do get better but, depending on how far into the future this is, he might be very worried about what he’s going to be doing for a living. If it’s just a random glimpse of the future, if it’s not of something/someone important to him then he probably wouldn’t care about it.

HWYCR if they found a stranger sleeping in their bed?


Connie will grab her tazor and taze them until the agents shows up.

HWYCR if they found the truth behind 9/11 event?


Ravenna would not be surprised at all, especially since the story takes place when the U.S. is under Bush’s presidency. She’d have known all along. Bush was never a popular president.

HWYCR if someone they were aqquainted with told them that their friends were talking shit about them behind their back?


Connie would be pissed but, realize that she didn’t care what they say.

HWYCR if their crush asked them out on the date?


Alice would act cool on the outside, but would be freaking out on the inside, but most of all she’d be questioning wether they meant it, or it was just a joke.

HWYCR if they could only listen to one song for the rest of their lives?


As long as it was “God Save the Queen,” Nigel Carruthers wouldn’t mind.

HWYCR if gold suddenly became worthless?


Ora would try to find a way of how to get more money.

HWYCR if they were kidnapped and torture by their own lover? (Not in a BDSM way)


Ceves would be confused at first (since they’re both into some weird stuff) but would know something is really wrong. He would try to escape and then try to find whoever caused her to hurt him.

HWYCR if they went back in time to prehistoric times?


Connie will be confused and say “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!”

HWYCR if they went back in time when they were kids?


Ceves would watch himself from a distance, reminiscing on simpler times.

HWYCR if they were trapped in a haunted board game?


Marianna would probably come up with a plan to get out, since she’s been through shitty stuff before.

HWYCR if the charlie angels team up with them?


Ceves would have to constantly make sure that his gf isn’t getting jealous and would kill them, but Charlies Angles plus their forces would be able to take down anyone.

HWYCR to being caught in a terrible storm and then being trapped for days?


Ora will check her phone for signal, first aid kit, rations, yelling for help, and looking for her siblings.

HWYCR if they meet a talking snake?


Vivi would have a conversation with it.

HWYCR to their worst fears manifesting in reality?


If all her worst fears became reality, she would find no reason to live. Maybe even kill herself and just end it already, even though she’s never been suicidal.

HWYCR if they wake up and realize that their grade just plunged to an F?


Iggy would be pretty suspicious of hacking, ask her teachers about her most recent grade, and if it wasn’t a glitch in the grading or just a bad grade in general, she’d ‘kindly’ ask for a grade change before hacking into the system herself to change it back, then investigating the source of ‘F’.

HWYCR to bring locked in a dark room for a week, with no light, water, and food?