How would your character react?


I dom’t think there’s much for Ravenna to do as a character. Without water for a week, she’d be dead. Being in complete isolation in the dark while you’re slowly dying will also kill anyone’s sanity, even if she’s lucky enough to come out alive.

HWYCR if they heard gunshots outside their house?


Since both Sylph and Ignatius live in the same apartment complex, Sylph would first check his ALERTS as a Hero, then, if not reported or posted yet, call Ignatius and then take off to the scene.

HWYCR if all the data they’ve collected (hard copies) suddenly disappeared?


Ravenna would be horrified, because all her data work are supposed to be top secret. If someone stole it, that means the information could leak out.

HWYCR to losing two best friends on the same night (anybody get the book reference?)


Vecia would be heartbroken. She wouldn’t get over it for her entire life. (I might’ve read the book you’re talking about, but I’m not sure)

HWYCR to walking into their home and finding a stranger cooking?


Ravenna would be surprised, but then not feel threatened, because someone who goes into your house to cook and doesn’t try to run or anything is likely not dangerous. She may assume her parents had someone over to cook or something.

HWYCR if they had only 10 minutes before school starts and they haven’t finished any of their piling homework?


Margo would freak out, but thankfully her sister Savannah would comfort her.

HWYCR: If they were forced to have an arranged marriage?


Ravenna would not be happy with that. Family suggestions are fine, but having them decide the person she must spend her life with? That’s too much. She would try to talk her mother out of it, because her father likely won’t budge in his decision.

HWYCR if they were invited to witness the execution of a serial killer?


Marianna already kill her serial killer. So, she’ll watch it to see their reactions.

HWYCR if they woke up with stitches covering their body in a coffin?


He be more worried but being in a coffin than stitches. He’d bang on the lid. Frantically praying that he isn’t buried alive… or, possible, buried undead.

HWYCR to accidentally stumbling upon someone moving a dead body?


Ravenna would question if this is someone taking a corpse out or a murderer disposing of the body they killed. She’d likely walk away, wondering about it, but not calling the authorities, because she fears being wrong.

HWYCR if they had 5 minutes of privacy with their enemy?


how would your character react if their pet is died


It depends on how the enemy behaves. The two might just share a drink. If the enemy gets out of line, Nigel might be forced to give him a thrashing.

Nigel Carruthers doesn’t have a pet. But if he did, he’d mourn an appropriate length of time and then go to the club for a drink and a few hands of whist.

HWYCR if the devil showed up one day at his/her door?


berra is be relax and do some magic and fight with devil
How would your character react if learn his/her friend is a witch


In the beginning Connie might be shocked, but when she adapting to her new world. Nothing will surprised her.

HWYCR if they witness 9/11?


In person? Because she did in fact know about it during the live 9/11 attacks. If she witnessed it in New York, near the Twin Towers with her own eyes, then she (like every normal person) would feel panicked and wonder what the fuck is going on, before the news breaks out.

HWYCR if they were expelled from their school for possession of a drug they’ve never taken before?


She’d be worried that her parents would ground her and find support in her sister Savannah.

HWYCR: If they lost access to their Netflix Account?


Ravenna wouldn’t be too bothered. Netflix isn’t the only source of entertainment.

HWYCR if they were put on death row for serial murders they didn’t commit?


Detective Inspector Time would pace around the room for a minute upon hearing it, think about what happens after he dies, and then turn to the people who said he would be put to death and say,
“First let’s prove that it happened, before you put me to death!”

HWYCR if they were forced to marry a murderer?


Oddly, that very nearly happened to Nigel Carruthers. If he couldn’t call off the engagement, he’d flee the country at his first opportunity. Thereafter, he’d devote his life to drinking, sport, and charity … in that order.

HWYCR if s/he woke up one morning in Barsoom and didn’t know how to get back home?


“Goddammit Valerie, if this is some kind of prank?” that what she’ll say.

HWYCR if they discover your lover is a rapist?