How would your character react?


Ooh… that doesn’t exactly make sense in my story’s context, because one of the reasons she fell in love with her lover was that he saved someone during a brutal rape, an incident that still haunts him to this day. So, Ravenna would be extremely confused and would assume that the accuser is framing him or got the wrong person.

HWYCR if they found out that their friends were plotting to backstab them?


Vynnie would not be surprised, and would probably justify it to herself and try and act as though she were offended/mad and internalize the hurt.

HWYCR if they met their favorite singer/artist/actor/etc.


I’m not sure if she has a favorite, but she’s likely to be very chill and if they’re in public, then she won’t make a scene, because the celebrity probably doesn’t want to be swarmed by fans.

HWYCR if they found out their lover was a monkey that transformed into human?


She have history of bad relationship, but this will be the first for her.

HWYCR if they found out they are half-owl and half-human?


She would just question her life, because there have been no clues leading up to that.

HWYCR if the first floor is completely on fire and your character is on the second floor?


Ora and her sibling cover their mouth from the smoke, call the ambulance, climb down the fire escaped, and checking if they were injured or sick.

HWYCR if the queen french kiss them?


Joachim would be really worried if his mother in law would french kiss him.

HWYCR if they went to the dentist and she started to pull out teeth?


Ravenna knows that shouldn’t be happening, so she’d kick and squirm until they let her go. Probably call her father afterwards to sue the dentist.

HWYCR if half of the things they knew about themselves turned out to be complete lies?


Ater is used to it by now.

HWYCR if their world was made out of food?


She’d eat everything she likes the taste of. Maybe take a bit from the sofa.

HWYCR they had 10 tests the next day, one of which is 100 points (me right now)?


Ater would probably enter a comatose state from all the anxiety! (sorry to hear that, good luck!)

HWYCR if they found out that mirrors were doors to another dimension?


Ravenna would be curious to know what’s on the other side, but knowing that there’s a chance she may not be able to return home, she won’t take the risk. (And thanks!)

HWYCR if their lover refused to let them see their phone?


It would’t bother him. He knows she works part-time at this top secret spy organization, so he’d probably think she had something work related on her phone she didn’t want him to see.

HWYCR to all their facial features changing overnight? (They could end up drop dead attractive or completely hideous.)


Ravenna would completely panic, and I mean she would completely lose it. And this is a huge statement, since she’s never “panicked” in her entire life. She is very pretty and places great importance on her appearance, so to wake up hideous would be a nightmare. She wouldn’t go to school until she returned back to normal, and obviously, that would give her another problem: school absences will result in a decrease in her grades. In other words, her life would go to complete shit.

HWYCR if close friend (who they also had a crush on) backstabbed and humiliated them?



Essentially, Nate reacts, or would react, by basically having a mental breakdown and attempting to physically attack the person who betrayed him, until he is forcefully held back. He then storms out of the place swearing revenge. From that point onwards, he is extremely paranoid, aggressive, and distrusting of literally e v e r y o n e, convinced that they will betray him too.

HWYCR If they found out that someone they care about is just a figment of their imagination?


Someone she cares for? It wouldn’t affect her much. The love of her life? That’s enough to literally kill her.

HWYCR if their parent kicked them out without food, money, or a suitcase on their 18th birthday?


Nigel Carruthers was shipped off when he was a eight to a boarding school in the south of England somewhat akin to a concentration camp. When he was 17, he joined the RAF to fight the Nazis, and over the next seven years scored 127 aerial victories and was shot down nine times. The chance to loll about the house until he was 18 would have been unnerving for him.

HWYCR if a duck walked up and began talking to him/her?


Ravenna would be shocked, a bit creeped out, but will ultimately find it cute. But she’ll get away as soon as possible, wondering whether or not she’s dreaming.

HWYCR if they saw two werewolves chasing them with fangs wide open?


Connie scream and run as fast as they can.

HWYCR if they were suddenly received an uncontrollable power?


Well, Ceves did randomly get powers but he can somewhat control them, except for Kingslayer. But he tends to go with the flow when it comes to Kingslayer and hopes it goes in his favor.

HWYCR to being sucked into their favorite video game or TV show if they don’t play video games?