How would your character react?


I’m not sure what his favorite video game is, but he’d probably have a lot of fun playing it from the inside.

HWYCR to their car being possessed by a evil ghost?


She’d just avoid the car and buy a new one. It’s better than risking the chance of getting run over by a car controlled by an evil ghost.

HWYCR if they were in public and saw their face on a “Most Wanted: Dead or Alive” poster?


Ceves would autograph it and fix anything they got wrong on his portrait. He’s already basically a super villain, he might as well go for broke.

HWYCR to finding out that they were just characters in a book?


She wouldn’t believe it. She would refuse to believe such nonsense. Basically, that’s telling her she’s not real or alive. I’d just snort at whoever would tell me I’m imaginary and I think most people, Ravenna mostly especially, would have the same reaction. :joy:

HWYCR if everything they had was stripped away from them and they had to start all over (by everything, I mean their family, belongings, identity, everything)?


To be honest, considering the events of the book, I think Nate would REALLY want that to happen…his life doesn’t treat him very kindly. I think he’d totally accept having to give himself a new identity if it meant that nobody could harass him for being universally-despised celebrity Nathan Sharp anymore.

HWYDR If they discovered how they were going to die?


Oooh… I don’t want to go into specifics, because that would be major spoilers. Let’s just say… some characters will be totally fine with knowing how they die, while others would be haunted by it. I can’t specifically apply this question to certain characters, because obviously those are major spoilers.

HWYCR if they were given a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to cheat death?


Connie will still go on to follow her dreams.

HWYCR if they meet Raum, The Great Earl of Hell?


That’s…specific. Who’s that? Haha


No idea! What’s your question?


HWYCR If they accidentally hurt someone they cared about?


Ooh… Ravenna doesn’t care for many people. But caring is one thing and loving is another. If it’s someone she cared for, she wouldn’t feel that bad and would just try to brush it off like it didn’t happen or that isn’t wasn’t a big deal (because asking Ravenna to apologize is like asking a fish to climb a tree).

HWYCR if someone they trusted blackmailed them?


It depends on who. If it is someone who she doesn’t outwardly show that she cares for them - she might not do anything but still would feel guilty. But if it was someone she did outwardly care for, she would be upset, and try to make it up to them.

HWYCR if someone famous wrote a song about them?


She would reluctantly do the deed, but twist it slightly so the person who blackmailed her would not leave unscathed.

HWYCR if someone they used to love (but not anymore) tries to come back to their life after a long period of absence?


She’d kick him out of her life so hard, he’s gonna wish he never came back. But I doubt she’s ever “loved” her exes. They were mainly accessories she was mildly interested in, until she decided to drop them.

HWYCR if all their friends left them because a secret came out?


I’m pretty sure it would be the other way round! If her friends (and non-friends) found out, she would convert to being a hermit.

HWYCR if they were given an opportunity to travel to a place they have never been to before?


She’d take the opprotunity immediately. Ravenna loves traveling, especially to places she’s never been to before.

HWYCR if they found out their friend was abused by their parents?


Will would be really caring, and probably smother them gifts 'n attention and fun stuff

HWYCR if they were asked to appear on Oprah?


Axelia would not think that much about it, it’s just a TV appearance and she is use to them since she’s a princess. And do them all the time.

HWYCR if they lost their job?


Ravenna is still a student as of now, but if she lost her job, she’d take that as a personal insult. And she does not take insults lightly.

HWYCR if a huge spider was on their head?


Axelia would scream and try to get it off and stomping on it. She is very afrid of spiders.

HWYCR if they found out their best friend had an affair with their partner?