How would your character react?


Ravenna doesn’t have friends, much less a best friend. But if she did, the reaction wouldn’t change: she would be more heartbroken than angry like she’d expect. Because her lover is different from her previous ones, because if it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t be mentally or emotionally stable like she is now. So she owes him a lot and the trust level is higher than her own family’s. So she’d be angry at the friend, but heartbroken by her lover.

HWYCR if their lover revealed that they were only dating them because of a dare?


Joachim would feel betrayed if Axelia was only dating him because of a dare. Because he is really falling in love with her.

HWYCR if they got hunted down by a loan shark?


Ravenna would tell them to fuck off and that she has no debts to pay.

HWYCR if their friends were graduating without them (because they flunked a grade)?


Well Joachim would be happy if Gavin and Milas graduated but it’s highly unlikly that Joachim would flunk out of school since he is picked for an advanced program at University because of his grade and special Project.

HWYCR if they never would wake up from a nightmare?


Freak out would be pretty accurate. And this is a huge statement, considering Ravenna’s never truly panicked her entire life. Then, she try to use her brains to figure a way to deal with it.

HWYCR if it turns out their identity is fake?


Shakirah would sit in silence for an hour or two, then immediately call her sister to fully understand the situation (and rant about life).

HWYCR if their deepest, most closely guarded secret was leaked to everyone in the entire world and went viral?


Her life and reputation would be destroyed. It would ruin her. Drive her to only two options: abandon her identity and start over as a completely new person or commit suicide. She’ll likely kill herself.

HWYCR if their best friend died because of an accident your character caused?


Oh, damn, blast. Nigel Carruthers would turn to drink. But … since he’s intoxicated most of the time anyway, his life wouldn’t change much. But he would feel bloody awful about the whole thing. He of course would do right by the chap’s family in some way.

HWYCR if s/he won the lottery?


Wouldn’t affect Ravenna much. Her family never struggled with money, considering they’re already making six figures per year. Winning the lottery will only give her more reason to go on shopping sprees. But regardless, she’d still go to college and get a job, because she gets satisfaction from doing work and earning success, rather than just winning it.

HWYCR if they were forbidden from doing their favorite thing (whether it be a hobby, a passion, drinking, sex, partying, etc.)?


Oh god Will would probably murder someone if he couldn’t drink or have sex. He’s very Instinctive, so to speak.

HWYCR if they had to live in a post-nuclear-war world? This would mean things like toxic radioactive waste, and a total collapse of civilisation.


Assuming money didn’t have the same worth as it did before the nuclear war and economy likely collapsing, Ravenna would likely stoop down like the rest of them. No longer priviledged in this situation.

HWYCR if someone was challenging them to a physical fight for a stupid reason about pride?


You say that like it’s a bad thing. Matters of honor and pride are the motivation for most of Nigel’s fights. It’s not quite a daily occurrence, but he finds himself in frequent scrapes of that type.

HWYCR if his/her team failed to make the playoffs ten years running?


Winston would be disappointed, considering his team is pretty good, but he already left. Channing would be livid and take his anger on the teammates, like he always does when they lose.

HWYCR if they were wrongfully accused of sexual assault?


Tork would no doubt go on a hunt for the truth at all costs. He has a strong moral compass and often a detrimental amount of self loathing that would prevent him from giving up until his name was cleared.

HWYCR if they were forced into an lose lose situation They have to choose which of 2 people dies or they both die


She’d pick one who has the best potential in life. She’ll feel guilty (which, by the way, is a huge statement because she’s never felt guilt or remorse for any actions, thus far), but she knows choosing for one to live is better than letting both die.

HWYCR if they were the long lost heir to a powerful kingdom?


Axelia wouldn’t be that surprised since she is the Crown princess to a country.

HWYCR if they found themselves in a real life horror Movie setting?


Tork would take his knowledge of horror movies and their usual tropes and use that to his advantage. Of course, this would likely be his down fall In the way that I would write it at least because while he could out smart a horror villain with common sense a “real” villain would be just as smart if not smarter.

HWYCR to meeting their doppelganger from an alternate time line?


Surprised, obviously, since she didn’t know an alternative timeline existed. Then, she’d wonder how different the other her is (that makes no sense, lol :joy:).

HWYCR if they woke up alone in a luxurious bedroom with no memory of how they got there?


Since something like this, without the luxury, has happened before Tork would likely look around and immediately say, “Damnit Melody!”

HWYCR if a random masked and hooded figure handed them a large dragon egg and said “Merry Christmas” before walking away without explanation?


Shakirah would immediately think of Harry Potter and geek out while carefully holding the egg and rushing inside to put it in her fireplace, whisper-shouting NORBERT the entire time.

HWYCR if their best friends forgot who he/she/other was?