How would your character react?


She doesn’t have best friends, but if her companions forgot who she was, she would be livid. She’d make sure they’d never forget again. They’re gonna wish they hadn’t.

HWYCR if their lover told them the relationship wasn’t working out and they wanted to break up, even though there hadn’t been any problems in the realtionship to begin with?


He would take it in stride and while it would sting beyond belief he would not fight it. Of course, when the chance came he would likely transfer to a different ship or at least try to avoid her after that.

HWYCR to a prophesy being told about them that never before was heard?


She’d feel special, but also burdened at being the only one to know the prophesy.

HWYCR if a doctor suddenly told them their best friend is dead?


Joachim would be shocked and sad.

HWYCR if they won a free trip to a cruise?


Shakirah would be hesitant to go because she would automatically assume it was a scam, and if it wasn’t, she would want her friends and family to go with her on the cruise.

HWYCR if they were instantly promoted to ruler of the world? (i know, not realistic, but just answer it anyway)


Ravenna wanted nothing more in her life than to be successful and to top the social pyramid. But she’s not stupid. She knows as a ruler, everyone will try to dethrone you. The position is too powerful for a person to hold and come out unscathed (whether mentally or physically). Plus, she likes to be more subtle when in power, so even if she wanted nothing more than control and power, this is not the type of power she wants.

HWYCR if they were taken to another alternative dimension, where all their problems are nonexistent? The only issue is these other people (other mother, other father, other world) are too perfect to be realistic that they are fake? (Coraline movie reference)


Ceves knows how this would go from seeing too many movies that start like that. And even if he didn’t he would get tired of things being too perfect and would just end up doing something crazy until the other people would go after him and he would have an excuse to escape which he would have already planned out.

HWYCR to having to take exams in college?


She’s not in college yet, but she wouldn’t be bothered by it. Ravenna believes in working for success and not having it handed down to her, despite her priviledged family.

HWYCR if a witch came and asked them for three wishes to grant?


Aoki would give them his therapists number. He’s very realistic vs optimistic, pessimistic, or idealistic y’know?

HWYCR if their highschool bully suddenly started flirting with them and their closest friend started bullying them?


Ravenna is the high school bully, lol :joy:. I guess this question can’t apply to her, then. But to be fair, the main characters aren’t usually the ones who are bullied, because they are in the position that would allow them to bully. But assuming Winston was screwed over by a girl, he’d think she was batshit crazy if she suddenly started flirting with him. He’d start wondering if the reason she was so mean was just a plan to get his attention. As for his best friend bullying him, he’d be heartbroken and angry, because they’ve saved each other’s ass more times than they could count. He practically owes his friend his life.

HWYCR if they met a version of themselves that’s the complete opposite of what they are now? (Like if your character is a kind nerd, they meet themselves as an evil troublemaker, etc.)


Aoki would drink three gallons,of holy water and take a nap before begging Krys for his Geodon because he’s seeing things.

HWYCR if they were on an episode of a documentary like forensic files.


Elliot wouldn’t like his opposite. Right now Elliot is a loving brother who cares for his sister and family. He has sacrificed so much just to put food on the table and seeing someone who is selfish and cold towards his sister and family will make him feel angry.

But at the same time he would find compassion towards his old self because he knows that growing up alone with someone who depends on you every day can be tough. Conflicted in the end.

HWYCR if they were given a choice to either be reunited with someone they care for (who had previously been killed off) or sacrifice that reunion to keep his friends alive?


For @_its_raining’s question, Ravenna would be excited, without a doubt. She enjoys subtle attention.

For @PurpleReborn’s question, I’ll use Winston this time, since the question best applies to him. He’d choose to sacrifice the reunion to keep his current friends alive, because he won’t be able to live with the guilt of allowing his friends to die, all so that he could revisit a dead lover.

HWYCR if they were given the choice to either live in hiding for the rest of their lives or to abandon their identity, including their family and hometown (assuming they’re on the run for a crime)?


Connie will leave her identity because she wants to search her own path.

HWYCR if they found out they were born in a fake identity due to their parents kept in a protection program?


Considering his mother’s dead, his first thought would be that they didn’t do a very good job. Then he’d wonder if his step-mother knows. But it wouldn’t bother him for the most part, he’d just be curious about the details surrounding it.

HWYCR to accidentally killing someone?


Oooh… A bit of a spoiler, but that does happen at one point. Ravenna was shocked, hurt, and horrified because it was clear that the person did not deserve to die, especially at her hands.

HWYCR if they were told that their best friend tried to kill them?


They simply wouldn’t believe it and think someone was trying to troll them. It’s an impossible thought to them.

HWYCR if they switched bodies with another character in that story?


Considering my character is one of the few humans in my story (the rest are monsters) she would be really confused with that new body, like it feels so different. Also she would try using magic, since only monsters can do that, but no matter what, after her curiosity would be satisfied, she would try her best to switch back again.

HWYCR if one of their best friends would suddenly loose all memories, while someone is trying to hurt him/her?


Winston, being one of the few characters with a best friend, would be heartbroken if Cain forgot him. Because as selfish as it sounds, Winston needs Cain in order to feel like he’s accepted and appreciated. But on the plus side, a part of him will realize that his friend losing his memory actually allows him to restart his life for the better. So he’d have mixed feelings about it, but will eventually realize that his friend losing his memory will give him a second chance at a normal life.

HWYCR if their friend kept teasing them in a very rude, offensive way? But the catch is, it’s hard to confront them because they hate being told what to do.


Margo would probably cry and feel a little lonely.

HWYCR: if they found out they were allergic to every type of fruit and could die if they ate any?