How would your character react?


Oooh… That would suck. Ravenna would be very disappointed. But ultimately, it’ll just make her will stronger.

HWYCR if they came home one night and found their home wrecked and everyone living in it is gone?


She would completely panic, while crying her soul out. She then would ask her friends to help to figure out, who it was. I am not sure if she would try to murder the culprit, or just getting him into prison.

HWYCR if they gave everything they had, just to figure out in the end that it didn’t change anything, and now needs to sacrifice them self in order to save everyone they love?


He’d be pissed, because why, why can’t things just work out for them? Then he’d go sacrifice himself, not happy but willing, because if he’s dead, at least then he won’t have to deal with the world’s shit anymore.

HWYCR to meeting their hero/idol?


Ravenna’s idol is her own father. And she sees him pretty damn often, considering they live together.

HWYCR if they were told that they were going to die in 24 hours?


She would be sad at the beginning. Not even getting panicked or something, just sad. Later on she would try to do as much as possible with her friends, trying to say goodbye but failing terrible at it.

HWYCR if they could talk to a lost friend/family member for 1 hour, and what would they say?
(hard without spoilers)


Horatio would talk to a person whom he knew for long a few minutes, but yet they died, (No spoilers though, I am not going to tell you who they are though.)
“If you were alive, now, you could see-- wait, sorry, I don’t know if you can see when your dead, and Oh I won’t get into the details, you probably can see what is going on, but I don’t know, I’m not dead and what I am doing, but even though we barely knew each other, I wanted to thank you for being kind to me, hardly anyone tends to be and…”
(of course the conversation would go on…but I think it would take up too much room in this comment)

HWYCR if they switched bodies with their hero for a day?


Her “hero” is technically her father, but as she grows older, she slowly begins to see more faults in him. If she were to switch bodies, she’ll quickly realize how similar she is to her father; both are cruel and unremorseful to the people around them. Instead of making her realize they’re both assholes, switching bodies will only allow her to think that she’s living her life right after all (when really, she isn’t).

HWYCR if they woke up as the opposite gender?


This would have no impact on Vecia. But her friends and family would freak out.
HWYCR if their best friend was in a car crash and is in critical condition?


Winston would be extremely worried and woulsdinternally freak out because if Cain were to die, Winston has nowhere to turn to, as selfish as it sounds. Winston needs Cain the way a puppy needs a home.

HWYCR if they were told that their parents adopted them?


Vecia wouldn’t believe the person, she believes that her parents wouldn’t hide something like that from her. She would probably ask her parents, and if it was true this wouldn’t affect her relationship with her parents. Her parents love her a lot, and she knows that so she wouldn’t question their love for her. She would probably try to figure out her roots when she has the time to.

HWYCR if they were suddenly transported halfway across the world?


Ravenna would be super confused and a small part of her would wonder if someone drugged her and sent her here, because that’s the most logical reason that doesn’t have to do with magic. And plus, it wouldn’t be that far fetched, since people usually hate her anyway.

HWYCR if someone they barely know was being rude to them?


Ceves would sarcastically reply and be even ruder to them to the point where they would back off.

HWYCR to reading the funniest joke in the world that would kill anyone that hears it?


Ravenna may be cruel, but she isn’t going to purposefully kill someone by telling them the joke. Though she would be skeptical about it actually working, but she still wouldn’t risk it.

HWYCR if their close friend got shot down by a cop right in front of them?


Veronica would kill the cop right then and there and anyone else who got in her way.

HWYCR if they woke up and found that their pet pooped on their pillow?


Considering her pet is a pony that lives in a stable away from her house, Ravenna would be very surprised and extremely disgusted at the same time.

HWYCR if their most meaningful relationship (whether it’s a friendship, relationship, family, etc.) was destroyed by a misunderstanding that they can’t fix?


Veronica would spend many moons just taking on quest from her patron taking out her anger on her targets, or if a battle was going on she would pick a side and collect as much bounty as she could. She would be too prideful to admit she was wrong, but occasionally spy on them (Depending on who it was). If it was a lover she might ever go so far as to antagonize her lovers new interest into attacking her and kill them so she would be within her right of defense.

HWYCR if they were framed for something they didn’t do with a large bounty in a kingdom they favored?


She would feel bad and actually think, if she did what she was accused for. But other than she would ask her friends for help to get prove she’s innocent.

HWYCR if they were betrayed by their best friend?


Tess would be stunned, she wouldn’t know how to react, she always tries to see the good in people, and if the friend betrayed her, then…she would be confused, and be silent.

HWYCR if they switched bodies with a famous celebrity?


Ava would try to play it cool, but she would definitely still be freaking out/fangirl-ing and would try to get some free stuff out of it.

HWYCR if they had to get a tattoo to get five thousand dollars? If they would get the tattoo, what would it be?


Ravenna’s already rich and doesn’t like tattoos. She knows she’ll eventually regret it, because tattoos are permanent, while money disappears over time. So, she wouldn’t do anything she may regret later.

HWYCR if they saw their enemy being bullied?