How would your character react?


Horatio would at first think they deserve it, because they had hurt him, but after seeing how they were reacting to it, he would begin to feel pity, and stand up for them, even if afterwards he would not trust them.

HWYCR if they were trapped in your life?


Ravenna would hate it. Not being rich and priviledged? That’s an awful way to live in her opinion.

HWYCR if they saw their lover dying in their arms in a dream?


Ora would cry instantly and promise herself to protect them.

HWYCR if their lover wanted to try a threesome?


I think her lover does suggest it at one point, but Ravenna refused because the sex between them was special because it was a bonding experience. A third person would ruin that bond.

HWYCR if their lover told them they were into BDSM?


Connie would at first be interest of it but give up because she hates how the candle wax leave a mark on her skin.

HWYCR if they read Fifty Shade of Grey?


Ravenna wouldn’t even touch that book, much less read it. If she were to read it, she would just contemplate her life choices and how much she regrets this one in particular.

HWYCR if they started lusting after someone who wasn’t their lover?


Connie would flirt but, nothing else.

HWYCR if they saw an orgy in real life?


Ravenna’s never been part of one, but she’s not exactly against them either. She’ll be slightly turned on by it, but would ultimately leave the scene. Because why should she stay and watch if she isn’t going to be a part of it?

HWYCR if they found out their lover had sex with their best friend before they started dating?


Connie would be freak out before character development. But in the character development she doesn’t care much on romantic relationship anymore.

HWYCR if they saw a teacup pig?


Ravenna would find it cute and she rarely finds anything cute.

HWYCR if they saw a bird with fangs flying overhead?


Then it’s the Hallow Eves for Marianna.

HWYCR if they have a pet bat?


Ravenna would hate it so much, because bats are nocturnal and stay awake during the night. She’ll have a hard time sleeping if her bat keeps making noises and flying all around her room at night.

HWYCR if their lover confessed to being in a sex cult?


Connie will be surprised a little then realized the sign of his/her behavior.

HWYCR if they listen to ASMR?


Ravenna would be creeped out and wouldn’t listen to them again.

HWYCR if they found out that their private conversation was recorded and leaked to the public and was spreading rapidly on the internet?


Veronica would use try to turn it into a Meme .

HWYCR if they found out they were living in a virtual world.


Ravenna would freak out. And that’s a huge statement right there, considering she’s always calm and never freaks out.

HWYCR if a zombie broke through their front door and ate all their family members alive and is running towards them?


She would try to kill that zombie. The people she lives with are a lot stronger, but she wouldn’t just run away.

HWYCR if they see a little girl that gets kidnapped right now?


Ravenna wouldn’t shout at the kidnapper to stop if they look dangerous, but she’d follow them secretly as she calls 911 and gets a good look at the suspect to provide information to authorities later. But she would never risk her own life and jump in to save the girl.

HWYCR if they saw a still, barely alive kitten on the road after it presumably got hit by a car?


Veronica would keep walking or would put it out of its misery.

HWYCR if they found out they could get 3 wishes but there was a 50% chance of them being turned on them.


Ravenna wouldn’t take the risk. What’s the point of making a wish that has a 50% chance of going completely wrong? She’s cautious and wouldn’t do anything she knows she might regret later on.

HWYCR if they saw a horse eating a dog?