How would your character react?


I guess it actually wouldn’t surprise her a lot. Living in a world full of monsters is already enough to forget such things after a hour.

HWYCR if their best friend gets deadly ill, and they are the only one who can save them, but now it looks like there isn’t enough time left?


If there is no option to save them, Ryna would spend all of her time trying to make sure they were happy and comfortable at the end. It there was even the slightest chance of success, she would break any rule or sacrifice herself to saver her friend/buy more time.

HWYCR if they were yelled at for doing something wrong by someone they looked up to?


Her father never yells at her, but has harshly scolded her when she was really young in order to “get it into her brain”. Ravenna (being scolded for crying at her grandfather’s funeral at the age of 4) took his scolding very seriously and ever since then, she never cried again. Her father bringing her up that way explains her lack of emotions and remorse. She grew up thinking emotions were a human weakness that only the strongest could conquer.

HWYCR if they were suddenly informed by a surgeon that their best friend has died for no reason (the surgeon says their heart just stopped all of a sudden during a leg surgery)?


@ravensofold Kai would be extremely upset and start crying in front of the surgeon.

HWYCR if they found out they were adopted ?


A part of her would be disappointed, because she takes great pride in being a part of this family, but a smaller 1% might be relieved that she isn’t a part of this messy family history.

HWYCR if they were told that their enemy died in an accident trying to save a passerby?


Nate, in my story, is pretty much enemies with everybody, so that answer would vary greatly.

I’d say if it was himself…well, he’d be dead. If it were his former best friend, Andy, he’d initially roll his eyes and inwardly groan at how Andy always had to be so perfect. Later, he’d confront himself for being so apathetic, but he’d try to justify his feelings.

HWYCR if their reflection came to life and started taunting them based on their innermost doubts and fears?


Ravenna would hate it and would tell her reflection to shut up. Once she can’t take it anymore, she’ll just break the mirror and never look at one again. If her father asks why she broke her mirrors, she’ll just deny it was her doing. That may make her mother the next suspect, but Ravenna has always been selfish. If having her parents fighting would save her from trouble, she’s willing to do it.

HWYCR if they woke up with bleeding scars all over their body for no reason?


10/10 character

Heh. Scars are a recurring theme in my book - not quite like that, but close enough. I think my character would automatically jump to conclusions and believe that his former friend tried to kill him (that totally won’t happen later in the book).

HWYCR if they were granted one wish?


As stupid as it sounds, Ravenna wouldn’t use it to elevate herself. She likes working for it. She takes satisfaction from achievement. She’ll likely store the wish for a future time, like when she ever needs to bail herself out of trouble that she knows she can’t get out of, unless you use magic or something.

HWYCR if their former friend came back and begged for forgiveness?


Ryna’s been burned before. She’s a one and done for chances at this point in my story, so forgiveness would be off the table. Depending on what they did to need forgiveness would determine the level of retribution she would enact upon them.

HWYCR if they found themselves in a dark cave with no idea how they got there?


Ravenna would internally freak out, because she never freaks out externally. Then, she’ll be like, “How the fuck did I get here?” And hope she has her phone on her.

HWYCR if they saw a really hot guy/girl (depending on their sexuality) skinny dipping in front of them?


Connie would probably give them a thumbs up.

HWYCR if someone they have a crush on saw them naked?


It isn’t very likely that Vecia would have a crush, but for the sake of the scenario, she does. Her mother works very late at night, so Vecia learned all the pressure points of the human body, and other useful things to protect her family’s valuables. She will most likely knock the person out automatically as a reflex, since she likes her privacy. Once they wake up, she’ll probably spin a realistic tale about how they passed out, hoping the person would believe that seeing her naked was a dream. Afterwards, if she isn’t very close with her crush, she might avoid them. If she is close with her crush, she would act like nothing happened.

HWYCR if they were forced to wear an item of clothing they hated for an important occasion that would last at least 1 hour?


Ceves would want to know what’s in it for him first before agreeing to wear the item in question. He doesn’t care what he wears most of the time anyways and his side job is an assassin so he’s used to wearing just about anything but he has some he likes more than others, and it would have to be bad if he hated it.

HWYCR to waking up hungover and in bed with their best friend?


Joachim wouldn’t be surprised, and he wouldn’t mind as long as Milas didn’t drool on him.

HWYCR if they got locked in a supermarket over night?


Ceves would do some shopping, leave the amount he owed on the counter, and then improvise a way to escape.

HWYCR to going on a first date?


Ravenna would be calm as she always would. She rarely loses her cool and this situation isn’t any different. She’d take some effort to look good though, not that she doesn’t already look good.

HWYCR if they woke up in their own bed next to a hot stranger without any memory of what happened the previous night?


Depending on what state (dressed or undressed) she is in Axelia would probably wake up thinking they had sex.

HWYCR if they found out that they were pregnant?


Ravenna would be shocked and angry. Because she gets the birth control shots every 3 months by her doctor, so if she found out that the shot wasn’t effective this time around, she’d likely have the urge to sue the doctor. She would think more about the doctor and birth control issue than the fact that she now has a living fetus inside her.

HWYCR if they came home to see blood splattered on the walls and on the floor?


Ryna would find a way to pin it on one of her enemies while investigating the cause herself.

HWYCR if they happened across a stray cat in the dead of night?