How would your character react?


Ravenna would just glance at it, think it’s cute, then walk away without another thought.

HWYCR if their face started burning for no reason and it wasn’t stopping? (kinda like Harry when his lightning scar burns.)


Kai would freak out and go to the doctors

HWYCR if they found a dead body in their basement ?


Ravenna would be shocked and concerned, wondering how it got there. But she wouldn’t suspect her parents in the slightest.

HWYCR if they were told they had to leave the country and leave their family behind?


Beatrice doesn’t have much a family to begin with, so she wouldn’t care too much. Leaving her friends would be the difficult part. She would probably scream and cry until she passed out.

HWYCR if they were on the most wanted list in a country?


Ceves wouldn’t care. He knows he’s a wanted man so he’d just keep his weapons close, his friends closer, and his enemies down range.

HWYCR to being arrested for something they did that made national news?


If Axelia got arrested it would become national news since she is the Crown princess of her country. But she could care less if it made it into the papers depending on what she was arrested for.

HWYCR if they suddanly had to fly cross country to save another (to them unknown) human?


Detective Inspector Time would probably consider it, somewhat normal, even though he isn’t usually asked to save people, but if it were a king or a queen, and they wanted his help so they wouldn’t get assassinated, he would understand why he was called…

HWYCR if they woke up on a bed and someone told them they were a different person than who they actually are?


Ravenna would think someone was playing a sick prank on her and would get frustrated pretty quickly.

HWYCR if they were asked to testify against a close loved one for a crime they know they commited?


She would hesitate, of course, but still do it. She believes a lot in justice, even when it comes to her own friends, no matter how close they are. Well, unless there is a good and second reason for the crime.

HWYCR if they saw a dragon?


She’d think she was dreaming and would probably slap herself in an attempt to wake up.

HWYCR if they found out their loved one was a serial killer?


She’d likely break up with him and cry.

HWYCR if they found out they were the chosen one and had to save the world?


If it’s the world he’s certainly in (that is not his home world), since he hates most of the people there and has a death wish, he’d probably just laugh and say ‘Let it burn.’ Then he’d go do whatever he wants while he waits for the world to end.

Whoever chose the chosen one chose poorly.

HWYCR if they suddenly couldn’t understand any spoken language?


She’d internally freak out and wonder what’s going on. She’d probably come to the conclusion that someone’s pranking her.

HWYCR if they saw a demon eating their last slice of pizza?


Ceves would be mad at the demon and try to kill it. It’s his pizza after all.

HWYCR to having to spend the holidays with family-in-law?


She doesn’t have a family-in-law, nor would she get married. But if she had to spend the holidays with her lover’s family, she wouldn’t be excited at all. She likes spending holidays at her own home with her family.

HWYCR if they saw a little kitten bullying a dog?


Connie would probably say aw a bit.

HWYCR if they meet their 10 year future self?


“Oh, I’m still alive. I suppose I should see that as a good thing…”

HWYCR to winning a all expense paid vacation to a place they’ve always wanted to visit?


Margo would be thrilled, but at the same time have some anxiety about going.

HWYCR if they were accused and framed for rape and murder?


Ravenna would be convinced they’ve got the wrong person and would spend the entire time trying to prove her innocence.

HWYCR if they fell in love with their best friend, who clearly didn’t feel the same way?


Miranda and Chris never liked each other in that way. Chris is a garbage person that drinks and smokes and a relationship is hard to keep up with when you’re constantly high.

All in all: " Me? Miranda? What, wanna induce one of the medieval blood feuds that you guys like writing about?"

HWYCR if they went to school everyone ignored them because of them doing the “right thing”?