How would your character react?


If Winston were ignored for doing the “right thing”, he wouldn’t care. Because that already happens to him everyday. He does a decently nice thing, and people hate him anyway. Because they dislike him so much that they’re blinded with biased opinion, so they never notice when he does something good for once.

HWYCR if they found out that the person they loved for years didn’t share the same feelings?


Mikhael wouldn’t care because he abandoned love ages ago and whoever he loves is going to die before him anyway, so…

HWYCR if he/she met a demon?


The old Connie would be freak out, but now she tolerate them.

HWYCR if they meet a raging bear?


Calm the bear using bonding magic. Or maybe kill it for dinner. Either way, I don’t think bears live in the desert.

HWYCR if he/she was falling down an endless chasm?


Do a flip, probably.

HWYCR if someone accused them of murder


Her father would hire her the best lawyer possible until she’s proven innocent.

HWYCR if they woke up dangling from a stranger’s balcony?


Teleportation magic/transport magic.

HWYCR if he/she did everything backwards suddenly and was conscious of it?


Vonivera would be confused, and her first thought would be that someone cast a spell on her, and she would try to figure out who since she tends to resort to being a detective, she would be very annoyed though that she couldn’t speak normally, “where were you last night?” would turn into “?thgin tsat uoy erew erehw” and the listener wouldn’t understand it, so…Vonivera would be very very annoyed.

HWYCR if someone claiming to be their fairy godmother appeared, and tried to grant their wish but messed it up horribly?


Margo would cry as she still couldn’t get Savannah back from the dead.

HWYCR if someone shouted fire at the movies?


Ravenna would sit still to see if it’s a prank, but her feet would be ready to dash in case it’s real.

HWYCR if they saw blood splattered on the walls of their home and no one was home?


Walk out and never go back.

HWYCR if they saw the dissection of a live frog?


She’d cringe at the sight of it and would keep a long distance because of the smell.

HWYCR if the person they loved a year ago suddenly came and confessed their love?


Aokigahara would probably panic. His stuttering disorder would get worse and he’d be hard to understand.

HWYCR if their father died


Eunsoo would cry a river. Poor bub.

HWYCR to seeing a ghost?


Ghosts are normal. Mikhael’s familiar is a ghost/spirit.

HWYCR if their dog got run over by a car, they accidentally poisoned their cat, and then stepped on their fish accidentally when it jumped out of the tank. And this happened all in one day.


Once again, Eunsoo would sob. She’d hold a burial for the dog and try to press charges against who ran it over (but Red would stop her from being so over dramatic). When she poisoned the cat on accident, she’d sulk around and try to turn herself in to the authorities (stopped by Red, as always). But the fish? Eunsoo is terrified of fish so she’d scream and be absolutely petrified by it and probably haunted by that memory forever.

HWYCR to tripping and falling into a pool?


Ravenna would get so angry, because she values pride, so she’d pull in the closest person to her so that the attention isn’t solely on her.

HWYCR if the doctor told them that cancer runs in their family (a fact they were never told by family members)?


“Woaaaahh…well, it’s not like I can die for another 1000 years anyways. Looks like I’m going to be suffering for the rest of my life.”

HWYCR if they got abducted by aliens?


Eunsoo would be really scared but try to befriend and make peace with them. “If I can make you guys like me will you take humans off of Earth before we all die?”

HWYCR to hang gliding?


I can’t imagine Dahlia would be too thrilled about hand gliding. She would end up finding it boring because of her circumstance.

HWYCR to being locked in a room with their crush all night?