How would your character react?


They’d probably sleep together like they did last time. To be fair, he wasn’t exactly a crush. Just a guy she liked and admired.

HWYCR if someone started cursing at them?


Time would say something like this, “watch your tongue, sir. You never know where that will cursing that often will take you…and mind you it won’t always be good.”

HWYCR if they got turned into an animal and couldn’t speak english but could understand what everyone else was saying?


Glare at his brother until he gets the point and finds a way to fix it.

HWYCR to loosing their housekey?


Ceves would either call Certainia to see if she has a spare he could grab or he would just break down the door. He’s a repairman when he’s not being a government paid superhero.

HWYCR to gaining superpowers?


Alain doesn’t need that. He already got his Key Keeper powers.

HWYCR if they found themselves lost?


Zeillian is an experienced hunter and survivalist so he’d just find his way back or just build a camp and be out there until someone comes and finds him.

HWYCR to finding out that they’re a fictional character?


Ravenna would think it’s a stupid joke.

HWYCR if it started raining frogs out of nowhere?


Will would shrug his shoulders, and head to the bar for a stiff drink.

HWYCR if they turned into a frog?


my character is witch so she is do spell to turn human
hwycr if they are see apocalypse ?


Like, a zombie apocalypse? A robopocalypse? Or just an apocalypse?

Aster, Narcissus and Hope would say, “Heck yeah, this’ll be awesome!”
While Faith screams and cowers in the corner.

HWYCR if someone spilled grape juice on their white tshirt?


İ think berra is be angry
HWYCR if someone hangs your character bestfriend and die ?


If someone killed Winston’s best friend, he’d want to kill that person. But then the killer is dead, so he’d be even more angry because he couldn’t take vengeance into his own hands.

HWYCR if they found their parent assaulting their lover?


my character not have mother or father she is have just grandma and she is really love she but if my character see her grandma do this she is be surprised
HWYCR İf meet with witch and witch is want to teach spells your character ?


Ravenna would think the witch is crazy and that she is dreaming, so she’ll just leave and run away.

HWYCR if they woke up suddenly in a different country?


i think she is be afraid and surprised
HWYCR if wake up on grave and be immortal ?


“What the heck…I’m…immortal? Hey guys, we’re immortal!”

HWYRC if they saw a spider the size of a house?


Run. Just run. Never turn back again.

HWYCR if their friend confessed to being in love with them? (But they do not match your character’s sexual orientation?)


“Woah (Buys airplane ticket). Woah (packs bags). Woah (gets on airplane). Woah (flies to the other side of the Earth).”

HWYCR if their sink got clogged and now water was all over the floor?


Ceves was a mechanic and then became a handy man when he also became a super hero. He’s be able to fix the clog, but he’d be mad about the water all over the floor.

HWYCR to being on a game show?


Ankou would be smug the whole game and if he lost, he would kill the game show host with one lethal touch of his hand.

HWYCR to working at a nursing home?