How would your character react?


Ari would find it depressing, being surrounded by so many people close to death.

HWYCR to finding a full wallet on the ground?


Walk past it. He’s in the middle of the apocalypse, money’s useless.

HWYCR to seeing Godzilla crashing through the city towards them?


(though she doesn’t have a name yet) she would not know what Godzilla was, but she would probably wonder whether it would be better to runaway or to hide for a few moments, first she would throw her knife at it, and if it bounced off, she would go and hide.

HWYCR If they got a letter from Hogwarts?


Aster and Narcissus: “I knew my magic was the best.”


Hope: Rips up envelope and burns it. “What if it was a prank?”

HWYCR if they were facing a live headless dragon?


Everyone would just try to fight the dragon, and tame it if it’s week enough. But that’s just Ceves’s side.

HWYCR to losing a bet?


“week” did you mean “weak”?

Aster: “Oh…well, here’s you’re hundred dollars! Use it well!”

Narcissus: "Fudge I’m going to kill you next time. Hands money over

Faith: “But I don’t gamble or bet!”

Hope: murders person. “Nothing happened here.”

HWYCR to being pushed off a skyscraper?


Yes I meant weak. My bad. Also Hope seems like a reasonable person.

Also Ceves could just call on Kingslayer to teleport him back to the top of the skyscraper and then push the person off as an act of cosmic irony and revenge.

HWYCR to being arrested for murder?


She’d sob because she would never kill someone.

HWYCR if someone stole all of their food?


Aster and Narcissus: “Wait, all our food? That’s…kind of impossible. We have tons. Literal tons.”


Hope: Desperately trying to restrain Faith without getting chopped to pieces by her dagger

HWYCR if they woke up in the ocean? And they were alive?


Adara: “I’ve died. This is death. I’m not really alive.”
Skye: “I’ve dreamt this before!”
Jared: “Isn’t this the dream Skye had last night?”
Cordelia: “I hate how I hallucinate so vividly sometimes…”

HWYCR if a random person just slapped them.


Aster and Narcissus: “Oh, because of your extremely offensive act, I will execute you on the spot!”

Faith: murders and walks away

Hope: “Please…don’t do that again.” Faith comes up and murders. “Hey!”

HWYCR if random buildings started sprouting from the ground?


Connie will check if she is stone or not.

HWYCR if they went to their favorite fictional podcast?


They’d be really excited.

HWYCR if their house burned down?


“Well, time to buy a new one!”

HWYCR if a random guy came up and called them an fucking idiot?


She wouldn’t have time to react before she automatically says something vulgar back without thought.

HWYCR if they found out their lover loved their friends more than they loved them?


She would feel heart broken and blame herself for pushing her lover away. She would think she pushed him to take interest in someone else. She wouldn’t be mad, just self pity and self blaming. She would isolate herself until she can move on and be her normal self.

HWYCR if they were a ghost and their reaper informs them that their dad killed them in their sleep?


Aster and Narcissus: “Wait…why? We’re next in line for the throne, like, what?”

Faith and Hope: “But our dad’s dead already. He died before us.”

HWYCR if they woke up standing infront of a volcano that was about to erupt?


Aurie would be fine. She’s a ghost. Zyr would grab Mys and use his wolf speed to get them as far from the eruption as possible.

HWYCR if they learned they were actually dead?


She wouldn’t believe it at first, because everyone has seen her and felt her and there were no signs or hints that she could possibly be a ghost. So she’d be skeptical.

HYWR if they found out their childhood best friend was imaginary and doesn’t actually exist?


Aster and Narcissus: “Mkay. I have a bunch, bye.”

Faith and Hope: “But we don’t have any friends!”

HWYCR if they found out their parents never existed? (This is a trick question)